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10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Ready for 2017

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new career in the new year, salter school, medical assistant program, massage therapy school, medical billing and coding school Take a hold of your future when the new year arrives

It’s the end of another calendar year, and for many people, it’s a time of reflection. Looking back on the year is a good way to evaluate your life and your career. Are you satisfied with what you are doing in your life? Is your career challenging enough?

Here are some self-reflection questions that you can ask yourself to make sure that you are keeping your life on track and reaching the outcomes that you want.

1. What benefits or rewards am I getting out of my current job?
2. What new skills did I learn this year? What new skills do I want to learn next year?
3. What was my highest accomplishment this year?
4. How can I build on this year’s successes to make next year even better?
5. In what ways am I advancing toward my longer-term goals?
6. What obstacles got in my way this year? How can I get over them next year?
7. If I could have a do-over this year, what would I do differently?
8. Who helped me reach my goals this year? What do I need to do to thank them?
9. Whom do I admire? How can I learn from them?
10. What life lessons did I learn from this past year?

In addition to reflection questions, it’s also a good idea to use the new year as a time to set new goals for yourself. Use the SMART system for setting your goals: Be sure your goals are Specific (S), Measurable (M), Attainable (A), Rewarding (R), and Time-Bound (T). Setting goals is a great way to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.

As you go about reflecting on your career and setting goals for the new year, what do you find? If you find that your answers are coming up short, it could be that you are unsatisfied with your job or your career. It could be that the year 2017 is your year for making a change. Your goal might be to find a new career, and believe it or not, this goal is attainable!

The Salter School is committed to training adults for new career fields, and providing them with the marketable job skills they need in their chosen field. We offer short-term training programs that can be completed in about one year’s time. Just think, by the year 2018, you could be in a new career path!

What does the Salter School offer? Located at three campuses across Massachusetts, the Salter School provides three career-focused training programs:

Professional Medical Assistant: Medical assistants are trained to measure patients’ vital signs and support the medical staff with a variety of clinical needs and responsibilities. Most medical assistants work in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Health Claims Specialist: Health Claims Specialists handle medical billing and coding procedures in the back offices of medical offices and other healthcare facilities.

Massage Therapist: Massage therapists are trained in all the major modalities that are used in today’s spas and clinics.

If any of these careers sounds interesting to you, you can find out more by filling out our simple online form. What better time to get started on a new career path than the beginning of a new year? We hope you choose to start this new chapter of your life with us!

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.