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12 Fun Facts about Massage Therapy

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massage therapy school, fun facts about massageIf you’re going to massage therapy school, read up!

For students in massage therapy school, you are probably keeping busy with your school work. You are learning about human anatomy, finding out how to position clients for their massages, and practicing the technique for performing a variety of different massages.

The Salter School is proud to offer a Massage Therapy training program at our Malden campus, and invites our students to take a quick break from their work to ready these 12 fun facts about massage therapy.

  1. Massage therapy has some ancient history! Egyptian tomb paintings from as long ago as 2,500 BCE depict people receiving massages.
  2. Bob Hope, a comedian who lived to be 100, had a 3-4 hour massage every day!
  3. Sports massage can help athletes. The first time massage was offered as a core medical service to the U.S. Olympic teams was the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA.
  4. Massage doesn’t always have to be performed on a table. You can get massages in chairs, on a floor mat, or even in a warm water therapy pool.
  5. Massage helps to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain-killers that provide a sense of well-being.
  6. The sedentary lifestyle of many Americans can lead to lower back pain—one of the most common reasons for seeking massage.
  7. While Swedish massage may be the most well-known type of massage in the U.S., the ABMP (Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals) estimates there are over 350 different massage modalities in use by its members.
  8. You have probably heard of hot stone therapy. But have you heard of bamboo massage? Or the Chinese knife massage? Or a snail massage? Who knew?
  9. Roughly 43 million people in the U.S. had at least one massage in 2015-2016, according to the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).
  10. Back in colonial times, massage therapists were called medical rubbers or manual therapists, and later became known as medical gymnasts and masseuses.
  11. Massage is not just for physical ailments. Massage therapy can be instrumental in treating stress and anxiety, including post traumatic stress disorder.
  12. The Guinness Book of World Records’ longest massage chain was 1,600 participants at an event along the beach in the Philippines, May 16, 2014. That’s a long chain!

We hope these fun facts give you an even greater respect for the new career field you are entering. You future clients will appreciate the time and effort you are putting into your education!

If you are someone who is looking for a new career and considering the field of massage therapy, we invite you to tour our campus to find out more about getting your training at the Salter School. We hope your new career path begins with us!

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