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14 Healthy Substitutes for Unhealthy Holiday Traditions

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salter school of nursing, healthy holiday food substitutionsTrade in your egg nog for hot apple cider!

Overeating during the holiday season is almost a tradition in itself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are worried about gaining weight, there are ways you can still enjoy some holiday traditions while cutting back on the calories. If you avoid some of the “worst of the worst” foods and swap them out for healthier alternatives, you will be on your way to a healthier holiday. Try these clever substitutes this holiday season:

Avoid: Holiday cookies
Substitute: Low-butter, low-sugar cookies like these cranberry oatmeal cookies

Avoid: Gingerbread latte or peppermint mocha
Substitute: Skim milk latte with cinnamon on top

Avoid: Dark turkey meat with gravy
Substitute: White turkey meat with 2-3 tablespoons low-fat gravy

Avoid: Prime rib and other fatty cuts of meat
Substitute: White meat turkey, or leaner cuts of meat like flank steak or filet mignon

Avoid: Fried potato latkes
Substitute: A recipe for baked latkes

Avoid: Cheese platters
Substitute: Fresh cut vegetables or low-fat cheeses

Avoid: Heavy sauces and dips
Substitute: Dips made with low-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream

Avoid: Red wines, beers, liquor
Substitute: A dry white wine spritzer using club soda

Avoid: Egg nog
Substitute: Warm apple cider or a spiced tea with warm milk

Avoid: Candied sweet potatoes
Substitute: Roasted sweet potatoes

Avoid: Cheesy vegetable casseroles
Substitute: Roasted or steamed vegetables

Avoid: Buttery mashed potatoes
Substitute: Mashed potatoes made with skim milk and less butter

Avoid: Dinner rolls
Substitute: A larger serving of vegetables

Avoid: Pie
Substitute: Soufflé, which has no crust. Or better yet, a fruit salad!  

We hope these substitutes can help you have a holiday that is still fun and filled with mouth-watering delights. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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