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25 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

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fun things to do during the holidays, baking cookies, ways to get into the holiday spiritIf you’re feeling like the Grinch, try this advice

Some Decembers, you can almost feel the holidays in the air. You are the first person to get out your holiday lights and you start listening to holiday music everywhere you go. Other Decembers, you’re just not feeling it. You feel like the Scrooge, the Grinch, and the heat miser all wrapped in one.

If you’re having one of those years where you can’t get into the holiday spirit, try these fun and inexpensive tips for turning your attitude around.

1. Write a letter to the troops through Operation Gratitude
2. Get friends together and go holiday caroling
3. Two words: hot chocolate
4. Stream holiday music while you bake cookies
5. Take a drive to look at the holiday lights
6. Wear an ugly holiday sweater
7. Buy a few toys you wished you had when you were a kid and donate them to Toys for Tots
8. Create holiday ornaments out of found items around your house
9. Look for free holiday events in your local area
10. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while to wish them a happy holiday
11. Try a new holiday recipe
12. Donate foods to a food drive
13. Set your DVR to record the kids’ holiday specials you used to watch when you were young
14. Hold a white elephant gift exchange with your friends
15. Give out mini candy canes to friends, co-workers, or classmates
16. Compete with a friend to see how many holiday songs you can name
17. Think back to your favorite holiday memories from when you were a child
18. Buy yourself a pre-holiday gift and wrap it up to open when the holiday arrives
19. Try an egg nog latte
20. Go to the mall to see the decorations (if you can find a parking space!)
21. Make a playlist of all your favorite holiday songs
22. Do random acts of kindness
23. Wrap your door like it’s a giant holiday gift
24. Make homemade holiday cards for your friends
25. Post positive and thankful messages on social media

The holidays are such a festive time of year, and they go by so fast that you want to make the most of them. We hope these ideas will add a little spark to your holiday season and make it a memorable and meaningful one!

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