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4 Apps that Medical Assistant Students Might Want to Check Out

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study apps for medical assistant studentsUse mobile technology to boost your studies

Is your smartphone your best friend? It’s OK, we won’t tell.

A lot of us are glued to our technology these days. If you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without your smartphone, you might as well take advantage of some of the latest apps to help you with your studies.

And if you’re in the professional medical assistant training program at Salter, you might be pleasantly surprised that there are many apps designed specifically for people in your field.  

Here are a few free or low-cost suggestions to get you started. (Note: We aren’t endorsing any of these apps. Just consider them a starting point for your own searches.)

If you’d like to try an app that isn’t available on your phone system, you can do a search for alternative. Example: Type in “[app name] for Android.”

1.  Pocket-size reference guide

The Medical Assisting Pocket Guide is a like a mini textbook in your pocket. Consider this a quick-reference tool for all things related to professional medical assisting.

What’s included: Several sections that cover various aspects of medical assistants’ job duties. For example, there are sections on medical terminology and abbreviations, administrative tasks, and charting and coding. There’s also information on how to perform certain clinical tasks, such as hooking up a Holter monitor.

You may find that this is also a useful tool during your externship and beyond, since this app was developed for professional medical assistants who are working in the field.

2.  Use your downtime for exam prep

Exam prep is something that many people consider to be a chore. If you’re one of them, you may want to check out the Medical Assistant app, a study tool for students who are preparing for their certification exams.

The app has over 1000 quizzes on topics like nutrition, lab work, ethics, patient communication, and clinical procedures. You can set the app to create quizzes based on your preferences and area of study.

3.  Practice makes perfect

Another tool for exam prep is the free Medical Assisting Review  app.

This app allows users to break up practice exams into different parts, so you can break your studying up into “bite size” chunks.

4.  Think like an ER doc

The iTriage app was created for the general public, but several online user reviews indicated that healthcare workers find this to be a useful reference tool on the job.

The app was by two ER doctors. Users can plug in symptoms to determine possible causes of pain, illness, or discomfort.

Another cool feature of this app:  It shows nearby medical providers and average wait times. There are also options to store your personal health and insurance information, track appointments, and save information about procedures and medications.

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