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4 Apps to Make Your School Life Easier

Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy

apps for studentsGet organized and stay on track with these electronic helpers

It’s OK to admit it: It would probably be hard to go a day without your electronics.

Since you’re probably carrying your devices with you most of the time anyway, you might as well use those gadgets to simplify your school life.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some apps that can make a student’s life easier – both in and out of the classroom.

Professional medical assistant, health claims specialist, and massage therapist students: Call up your search screens and check these out.

Note: This list is not an endorsement, but rather a starting point for your own app searches. If an app that you’d like to try isn’t available on your system, try searching for “[APP NAME] alternative for Android/iPhone.”

  1. Notability

This app makes notes taking a whole lot easier. You can record lectures while simultaneously taking notes using a keypad or a stylus.

When you refer back to your notes, you can tap a word to hear the audio from the moment that you made the notation. You can also play the recording back and watch your notes light up in real time to reflect what you wrote, and when.

  1. Dictionary.com

It’s just as it sounds: a dictionary at your fingertips. While the app is free, you can pay to upgrade to get access to specialized dictionaries for medical terms or other options.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive offers free cloud storage that’s accessible from any mobile device with a WiFi connection. What does that mean? No more worries about losing your work.

With “cloud” storage, if your computer dies, your documents can live on. All you need to do is login to your Google account from another device.

  1. WiFi Finder

If you’re always on the hunt for a free WiFi hotspot, this is a handy app to have.

  1. My Fitness Pal

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle can be keep to performing well in school and on the job. Unfortunately, the fast pace of life can make those healthy goals seem harder to achieve.

Use this app to get a better handle on your progress. You can track food intake, exercise, and even sleep.

Need more help balancing school and life? Talk or your instructors or other Salter staff members about tutoring and peer mentoring.

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