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4 Smartphone Apps Students in Massage Therapist Training Will Love

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The art and science of massage therapy may seem like the opposite of “high tech.” The human-to-human connection of hands on skin is often what’s appealing about massage.

However, students in a  massage therapist training program may want to be aware of a few phone apps that could help boost their studies – or even help set the tone for their massage practice.

Check out these four helpful apps for massage therapy.

Note: This list is not an endorsement, but rather a starting point for your own app searches. Most of the apps we have listed are free or low-cost. If an app that you’d like to try isn’t available on your system, try searching for alternatives by typing the phrase “[APP NAME] for [operating system].” Example: “Notability app for Android.”

1.  Visual Anatomy

Helping clients relieve pain and promote healing is a key part of many massage therapy treatments. Intake interviews can help massage therapists decided where and how to target the massage to have the greatest positive impact on the client.

Visual Anatomy is a free app that displays various body systems, including the musculature and skeletal systems. Zoom and 3D functionality help users get a more in-depth look at different areas of the body.

While this app can be used as a reference tool for students and practicing massage therapists, it’s also an excellent study tool. Quiz functionality can help users test their knowledge.

2.  Muscle Trigger Points

Muscle Trigger Points helps massage therapists identify the sometimes tricky “trigger points” in muscle groups that may be causing pain elsewhere in the body.

The app allows users to search by muscles or body “zones.”  It contains 100 trigger points.

3.  Relaxing Sounds of Nature

Ahhh … the soothing sounds of nature can certainly be an effective tool in helping massage clients relax.

The Relaxing Sounds of Nature app provides 25 different nature sounds that can be combined with other soothing sounds to create a custom audio experience. For example, crashing waves may be combined with peaceful flute melodies.

Favorites sound combinations can be stored for future use.

4.  Massage Therapy Exam Prep

Take test prep to the next level with the Massage Therapy Exam Prep app. Create custom practice tests to quiz yourself, or use the app to put your study group to the test.

You can also set up study reminders and exam countdowns.

5.  Massage Therapy Terminology

Like any field, massage therapy has its own vocabulary. Test your knowledge with the Massage Therapy Terminology app. It features 700 multiple choice quizzes, study flash cards, and a dictionary.

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