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5 Great Reasons to Get a Massage

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massage benefitsEnjoy this whole-body experience to improve your health and wellness

Have you ever gotten a full body massage? The massage therapy students at the Salter School are not only learning the art and science behind massage therapy, but are also great proponents of the health and wellness benefits that massage can bring. If you are not convinced you should get a massage, consider these 5 great benefits that you might enjoy:

Stress and anxiety relief
There’s nothing like walking into a spa to let all your troubles melt away. Spas are designed to be welcoming and luxurious, giving you an escape from whatever worries and anxieties you are facing in the outside world. Some clients even report improved sleep, better concentration, and less depression. So, step on in and enjoy!

Pain and tension relief
Massages are more than just relaxing. They can deliver pain relief to aching or tense muscles. Many people with back, neck, or shoulder pain report that massage can offer some relief. So, if you are wound up like a rubber band, consider getting a massage. The therapist can help work out tension from muscles, wherever they are bothering you. And who knows? You could leave feeling like a new person!

Tension headache relief
While there is no cure for headaches, many massage clients feel that massage can help to relieve tension headaches. Tension headaches are believed to be caused by contracting muscles in the area of the face, jaw, and neck. If you are a headache sufferer, it may be worth looking into massage treatment.

Certain types of massage, like Thai massage or Shiatsu, can help you improve your flexibility and range-of-motion, as the therapist works to move your body into yoga-like positions. Sports massage can also help regain flexibility for athletes who may be injured or sore.

Overall wellness
Massage therapy can help with overall wellness, contributing to a happier and more balanced lifestyle. Some believe that massage stimulates the lymphatic system, leading to a boost in your immunity. There is also some thought that it can improve your circulation, with its gentle pressure helping to move nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. For some people, it even helps their skin because it stimulates blood flow near the surface of the skin.

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We hope this article opens your mind to the possibility of getting a massage. And if you do, we hope you enjoy every minute of it!



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