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5 Job Skills that Everyone Should Have

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skills employers look for in any jobEmployers look for employees who are strong in these soft skills

Obviously, when it comes to marketable skills, it’s important to have the skills you need in your particular job field. But did you know there are also important “soft skills” that employers are looking for? These are skills that make you an all-around better employee who can contribute to the goals of the employer. Here are five important “soft skills.”

1. Good communicator
Almost all jobs require that you are a good communicator. Good communication is important in making sure your team or your department is working well together. This means speaking articulately, writing clearly, and listening carefully. It also means knowing when to communicate key information to which people. As you doing your job, always ask yourself: who else needs to know this information? Try these tips for improving your communication skills.

2. Not afraid of new technology
No matter how up-to-date you are on today’s technology, tomorrow’s technology is always right around the corner. Employers want employees who are comfortable with all the changes that the world of technology brings our way. They want you to learn new technology as it becomes available and find ways for the new technology to make the workplace more efficient.

3. Proactive
Being proactive means anticipating future events and planning for them now. It is the opposite of reactive—where you simply react to a problem rather than anticipating it in the first place. Employers want employees who are always thinking and heading off potential problems before they arise.

4. Flexible and willing to learn
Have you ever heard the saying, “the only thing constant is change”? The job you are hired for today will probably not be the same exact job you are doing in five years. The job description will morph over time, and the responsibilities will be a lot different. Employees prefer employees who are flexible and don’t fight change. 

5. Positive and problem-solving
Nearly every job has its unpleasant parts, but being negative usually doesn’t solve the problems. Employers like employees with positive “can-do” attitudes—not negative “can’t do” attitudes. Sure, every job has its share of problems, but if you see the problems as opportunities for improvement, you can go far.

With these five tips, you should be able to look at your career development with a different perspective and work on developing your soft skills. These skills may not come to you overnight, but with practice and experience, your soft skills will improve!

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