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5 Mobile Apps that Can Help Students Reduce Distractions and Get Organized

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study apps for studentsThere are a variety of hi-tech solutions to make students’ lives easier

Balancing school and life can be a challenge. But could your smartphone help you become a better student?

If you’re someone who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without your smartphone, you might as well utilize the latest apps to help you study, manage your school documents, and stay on task.  

Here’s a list of five apps to help you get started. (NOTE: There are many great apps that may accomplish these same tasks. We do not endorse any of the following, but are presenting them as a starting point for your own searches.)

1.  Getting focused

No one wants to admit it, but we all get distracted by various things on our mobile devices. The SelfControl app blocks distracting websites during certain periods of time. You can set it to block those sites during lectures or during study periods. The app will automatically cease site blocking at the end of the time you designate.

2.  Hi-tech flashcards

Flashcards have long been used as an effective study aid. But in today’s world, there’s no need to create stacks of 3 x 5 cards anymore. Several phone apps have taken paper out of the equation entirely.

StudyBlue lets users create their own flashcards, using text, audio or pictures. The app also gives users the option to search for previously created flashcards on various topics. StudyBlue tracks progress so you can spend your time focusing on areas where you need the most work. You can also set reminders to study at certain times.

3.  The cloud is your new hard drive

You’re probably on the move a lot. Being able to access your important documents anywhere can help you take advantage of those little unexpected pockets of time, such as when you’re stuck in the doctor’s office waiting room.

Dropbox is a cloud storage solution that gives you full access to your documents from mobile devices. You can also access your account from any computer that has Internet access, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting assignments at home.

Best of all, your work won’t be lost to a system crash, because documents are saved in the cloud rather than on your device or personal computer.

4.  Your to-do list on steroids

Any.do takes your to-do list to the next level. It allows you to keep track of daily tasks, as well as larger life goals. The app syncs across devices. It also allows you to coordinate list items with your contacts, so you can more easily divide errands among the people you live with.

This app allows you to prioritize tasks and even create sub-tasks. For example, a task for “go grocery shopping” may contain sub-tasks for every item you want to buy. You can “check off” each item as you make your way through the store.

5.  Streamlining what matters to you

If you want to check sites that are important to you without getting distracted by lots of other “clickbait” that will certain eat your precious time, check out Feedly. It grabs information from all of your favorite sources and presents it in one convenient stream. That way, you can stay current on your favorite sites without falling down the proverbial Internet rabbit hole – and wasting precious study time.

Remember: Salter is your partner in your school journey – and beyond. If you’re having difficult with any of your studies, make sure to talk to your instructors about getting additional help.

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