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5 Reasons to Appreciate your Teachers

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teacher instructor appreciation gratitude thankful hard work training programs careerTeachers are here to help and inspire!

Teachers are an essential part of our lives. They teach us far more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach us life lessons and help us discover who we are and what motivates us to succeed. They help us become thoughtful and productive members of society.

It’s important to give thanks and appreciate the teachers who are passionate and dedicated to their jobs. Even if you feel you have too much homework and too many exams, take a moment to think how important your teachers are. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are today!

Here are 5 reasons why you should appreciate and respect your teachers and instructors.

1. Teachers care about each student

Teachers are passionate about their profession. A good teacher cares about all of their students and wants to help them achieve their fullest potential. Teachers are excited to offer new lessons on different subjects and to see their students engage with their classwork or grasp a new subject. Teachers are there to help every student succeed.

2. Teachers are hard workers

Teaching requires a lot of time, preparation, and effort. You may see your teachers every day in the classroom, but keep in mind that a lot of their work happens outside of the classroom too. Outside of class, teachers write lesson plans, grade assignments, create exams, and grade tests. They also attend staff meetings, conferences, and training sessions to help find tools and ways to help students succeed. There are numerous ways that teachers go the extra mile to help their students!

3. Teachers are great multi-taskers

Teachers are very knowledgeable on the specific subjects they teach. However, it takes a helpful and dedicated individual to be able to teach effectively. Teaching requires them to stay up-to-date on advances in their field of study and be experts in their subject area. When they aren’t teaching, they may attend professional teachers’ conferences, development trainings, or continue their own education. Teachers are busy with a wide variety of responsibilities. It’s like they have several jobs at once.

4. Teachers can adapt to situations

Instructors are generally very flexible and adaptable. Even if they plan out lessons for the day, they never know how the day will progress. A fire drill could go off and disrupt a lesson. A student may have a question or conversation that delays classwork or the next lesson plan. The school’s technology may not be working, and the teacher may have to change plans at the last minute. Teachers know how to adapt and make up for lost time and they try to make the most out of each lesson.

5. Teachers are unique and clever thinkers

It’s hard work trying to get a group of students to learn new subjects or ways of thinking. Different students approach learning in different ways, so teachers need to be creative when thinking of ways to teach their students. Teachers often come up with new techniques for students who need extra help. They aren’t afraid to try new approaches or use study-backed techniques to help their students learn. They understand that “one size doesn’t fit all” and learn how to tailor their instruction to the needs of their students.


Teachers remember your name!

Teachers need to make sure that they know all their students’ names—and they must learn them quickly. Some instructors teach many classes so there may be hundreds of names to know during the school year. One way of making sure the classroom is inclusive and productive is keeping it personable and learning students’ names. That takes a lot of memorization!

Hopefully, our article gives you some insight on the hard work and dedication that our teachers—especially the ones at the Salter School—use each day in the classroom and during office hours. When you see your instructors next, tell them you appreciate their help!

The Salter School give thanks this Thanksgiving season to all of our teachers for their hard work and dedication to our students. Learn more about our services and career training programs by contacting us today!

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