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5 Steps to Improve your Time Management Skills

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As a student, you need to stick to a tight schedule so you can meet your class hours, deadlines, and properly prepare for your exams. However, with so many items and time schedules to remember, students can become flustered and disorganized quickly. Plus, with all the modern-day distractions, it’s tough to focus on schoolwork when you rather be watching music videos or texting with your friends.

It’s important to manage your time for your studies so that you can become a responsible and professional worker.If you’re a current student who is seeking ways to manage your time better, then follow these five steps to save you time and energy!

Step #1: Take advantage of your free time

Be productive in your spare time. If you commute to work or school, take out your notebook and start studying! You can use your travel time to go over classwork instead of staring out the window. Studying in different locations has shown to improve your association with new study material. You could see improved memory on your exams. Make the most of your time in between classes or while you wait for an appointment. You could also study during your lunch break. When you get home from work, complete your household chores and then focus on your schoolwork before enjoying leisure time.

Step #2: Get rid of distractions

It’s easy to get distracted by your favorite TV show, you Facebook newsfeed, or texting with friends. In the age of modern technology, the outside world is constantly abuzz with new trending topics. Be diligent and set rules for yourself to get rid of these constant distractions. Here are some simple ways you can avoid distractions and procrastination while you study:

  • Unplug the TV
  • Turn of your phone
  • Email in the morning, (only check it during your lunch break)
  • Finish short tasks quickly
  • Disable your social media accounts during study hours
  • Keep your study area tidy

Step #3: Create a time schedule

One of the easiest and most common ways to help you manage your time is to create a time schedule. Make a to-do list or use a calendar or daily planner to help you schedule out short-term and long-term projects. Using color-coded post-it notes may help you remember to-dos. It can also help you keep your time management under control. If you don’t pay attention to your calendar, use your phones to set up notifications. Whenever you have an upcoming deadline, your phone will let you know when to start preparing. You can schedule long periods of study time or make several electronic alerts throughout the day so you stay on top of your most important tasks.

Step #4: Important tasks come first

Important tasks should be at the top of your to-do list. Make sure to finish your projects and study sessions that demand more urgent attention first. Homework or projects with the closest deadlines should be completed in the beginning of the day because you have more time to concentrate on them properly, instead of cramming the night beforehand. Talk with your teachers to make sure you plan out your schedule accordingly. You’ll want to prepare for an exam by studying a week or two ahead of time. It’s fine to unwind when you get home. However, you may find it more relaxing to finish your schoolwork first. Completing important tasks can help prepare you for the next day of class. You can feel more confident and appear more responsible.

Step #5: Make a studious environment

A studious environment will help you make the most of your time. Create an atmosphere that aids concentration. Turn off all extreaneous noises and ignore the couch and bed. When you study, sit upright at a desk or table. Your body will become more alert so you can focus on your schoolwork better. Be strict with yourself and avoid the couch or bed until it’s time to relax. Creating a studious environment will help you finish your study sessions or homework faster. Then you can relax before getting a good night's sleep.

We hope our students take advantage of these time management tips! Practicing these skills can help you become a more responsible and well-developed individual. Plus, you’ll need these skills throughout the rest or your professional life. Why not start now? You may even find that you enjoy deeper relaxation and worry free moments with your loved ones.


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