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6 Tips for Becoming a Better Medical Assistant

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Medical assistants have important jobs assisting patients, doctors, and nurses every day. They help prepare patients for exams, explain routine procedures, and sanitize examination rooms.

If you’re currently enrolled in medical assistant school, you may be eagerly waiting to use your new skills in the professional healthcare field. If you’re already a working medical assistant, you may be wondering how you can become a better, more effective healthcare worker.

The Salter School offers five ways you can become a better medical assistant each day. The more dedicated you are to your job, the smoother the healthcare facility may function.

Tip #1: Stay positive

A medical assistant career can be very busy. You may have to juggle tasks that have been requested by doctors and nurses throughout the day. In addition, you have to assist many different patients with different needs, which can require a balancing act. If you have patients who are late or doctors who get tied up with emergencies, this may throw off the day’s schedule and add more stress. Remember to stay positive when your day becomes hectic. Staying positive will help you communicate effectively with coworkers and patients. A smile can go a long way. Take a breather when there is a problem or a busy schedule. Take each task one step at a time so you can focus properly.

Tip #2: Go to work 10 minutes early

One way to show that you’re dedicated and passionate about your job is to get to your work station at least ten minutes early. Plan out your schedule before your next work day. Make sure you have enough time to get dressed, make your lunch, travel to work, and park your car. When you show up early, you can double-check to make sure that all your inventory and paperwork are ready for the day.

Tip #3: Be part of the team

Being a team player is essential for any healthcare job, and it’s also important for being a medical assistant. Look for ways that your team can operate more efficiently. For instance, if it seems like paperwork is being completed slowly, suggest a system that might help it be completed more quickly. Or, if you are having a slow day, you can volunteer to help coworkers complete their tasks. When supervisors, doctors, or nurses ask you to assist them, make sure you take care of the task thoroughly and in a timely manner. You can help your office run smoothly so doctors and nurses can do their jobs properly and so patients can experience the best care possible!

Tip #4: Maintain a clean environment

Before each patient appointment, you will have to make sure the exam room is clean and prepared for each patient. Before the facility closes after each working day, make sure the rooms are properly cleaned and materials and instruments are properly cleaned and sanitized. In the morning, conduct a thorough sweep of each exam room to make sure you didn’t forget to prepare anything for the next round of appointments.

Tip #5: Keep learning

The field of healthcare is always evolving and improving. Make sure you stay updated on new changes in the medical assistant field so you can do your best on the job. Take continuing education classes. Research local and national medical assistant associations where you can meet other medical assistant professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest advances in healthcare practices. You could even subscribe to professional healthcare journals. Ask your employer if there are any added responsibilities you can learn while on the job or if there are better, more efficient ways to conduct a task. The more you improve, the more confident you may feel about your career. Plus, other will notice and feel confident in your skills as well.

Tip #6: Treat others with respect

It’s essential to treat everyone with respect on the job. Be respectful to supervisors, doctors, and nurses. Show them you’re respectful by following through with their requests right away. Always speak politely, smile, and make eye contact with them. Show kindness by smiling and being sociable to everyone from the receptionist to the cleaning staff. When you ask a coworker to help you with a task or if you get constructive criticism, make sure to remain kind so you build healthy working relationships.

Follow these tips so you can become a marketable professional and valued healthcare worker. We wish you luck along your journey on the medical assistant career path.


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