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6 Tips for New Massage Therapists to Remember

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massage therapy school, becoming a massage therapistGraduating from massage therapy school is a big step in your life

If you recently finished massage therapy school, congratulations! For many students, massage therapy training is a pivotal point in their lives when they discover a field they truly love. Graduation is a time when massage therapy students realize that they have a lot to offer the world.

If you have just started out in the field, you know that getting started in your first job is an exciting time of life, but it can also be a challenging time. You will have new procedures to learn, new people to meet, and the challenge of developing regular clients. Here is some advice to get through your first year as a massage therapist.

Tip 1. Get tons of practice
Even though you’ve completed your training program, it’s important to remember that you get better with every massage you deliver. Be sure to get as much practice as you can. Offer free massages to friends and family. Volunteer to offer massages at charity functions. Make sure you get feedback from each person you massage so that you can continue to improve. And don’t forget to keep a business card with you in case someone wants to come into the spa where you work.

Tip 2. Listen to your clients
Every client is different. Clients come into the massage therapy room with different expectations and different goals. Be sure to review intake forms carefully and discuss their goals for the massage session. During the massage itself, you can occasionally you can ask short questions, such as “is this too much pressure?” or “tell me if you are feeling any pain.” Good listening skills help ensure that you are meeting your client’s individual needs. For more on providing a good client experience, read 3 Tips on Building a Good Massage Experience for Your Clients.

Tip 3. Take constructive criticism the right way
At the end of every massage, you should briefly ask the cliet to give you feedback. It may be upsetting the first time a client tells you they were unhappy with their massage. But try not to take it personally. Instead, try to learn from it. Take the criticism seriously and thank them for their honesty. This way you can make improvements and become a better massage therapist.

Tip 4. Be patient until you find what you want
Your first year as a massage therapist may have a steep learning curve, but if you have patience, it will get easier. Remember, it takes time to develop a list of regular clients and to establish your reputation in your community. It may take time to find the right spa for you. Give yourself time to let your career grow.

Tip 5. Keep up your enthusiasm for the field
The field of massage therapy is very inspiring for many people. Health and wellness are amazing gifts to be able to give to your clients. However, the hard work of delivering massages can wear you down if you’re not careful. To be a happy and effective massage therapist, it’s important to keep up your enthusiasm for the field. Try subscribing to health and wellness magazines and massage journals. Find a group of massage therapists to socialize with after work. Attend health and wellness events in your community. By making health and wellness a part of your life’s goals, you will find your career more rewarding.

Tip 6. Take time to take care of yourself
Massage therapists tend to be caring people by nature. They spend a lot of time caring about the health and wellness of others. One word of advice is to remember to take care of yourself too. Your body will need a lot of strength to deliver massages, so you need to treat it well. Be sure to eat well, sleep well, and get exercise. And every now and then, get a massage!


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