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7 FAQs about Becoming a Massage Therapist

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Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting and sociable career path for those who want to lead an active professional life. Massage therapy offers students a variety of lessons and techniques so they can make the most out of their ability to help others.

Are you considering going to massage therapy school? If so, consider the Salter School’s massage therapy training program. We offer tools to help you learn a variety of massage techniques. Before you apply to our training program, you should get to know a little about what we have to offer. Below are frequently asked questions about this career training program.

Q #1: What do massage therapists do?

A: Massage therapists are the professionals who use their hands to perform massage techniques on specific body parts of a patient or client. These techniques help to ease and relieve pain in muscles and body tissue. Before the patient’s appointment, massage therapists will ask their clients what they expect to get out of the massage session. Professional masseuses will record patient information and medical history. Throughout the massage, they will use a variety of techniques to ensure the comfort and relaxation of their clients. They may use Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Shiatsu, or Thai massage to relieve pains and aches in various body parts. Sometimes professional masseuses also give their clients information on muscle stretches, strengthening tips, and other advice.

Q #2: How long does this program take to complete?

A: The massage therapy training program at the Salter School takes less than a year to complete. This is exciting news if you’d like to get out into the workforce in a relatively short time frame. Coursework takes 900 hours to complete and includes an internship where students can gain real world experience. As long as you complete your homework diligently, pass your exams, attend classes, and pay attention, you can complete this program on time.

Q #3: Can I take evening classes?

A: Yes, you can take massage therapy night courses. This option is very convenient for students who have to work or care for family members during the day. Our evening program takes 56.25 weeks to complete or just over a year.

Q #4: How can I apply to this program at the Salter School?

A: If you’re interested in the massage therapy training program at Salter School, then you can apply online at any time. Before enrolling in this program, you must hold a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED). We offer rolling admissions, so if you’re accepted into the program, you could be in the classroom within six weeks. It’s exciting that you can get a start on your education in such a quick amount of time.

Q #5: Will I find a job after graduation?

A: The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides job outlook projections for the massage therapy career path. According to the handbook, employment of massage therapists is expected to grow 22 percent from 2014-2024, which is much faster than projections for all other jobs listed in the handbook. However, remember that it’s up to you to conduct a proactive job search after you graduate. Our Career Services Department can help give you career guidance. We can help you find local job search resources, assist you in writing a resume and cover letter, and help you practice your job interview questions.

Q #6: Can I receive financial aid for my training program?

A: Students and all applicants at the Salter School are highly encouraged to apply for financial assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Although filling out the application doesn’t necessarily guarantee any financial help, many students find that they are eligible for at least a small amount of monetary assistance. If you need help filling out this application, our financial aid advisors can help you.

Q #7: Where is the Salter School located?

A: The Salter School offers massage therapy training programs at its Massachusetts campuses in Tewksbury and Malden. We also offer a professional medical assistant and health claims specialist training program at our three campuses. If you’re interested in becoming a massage therapist, then contact us for more info or schedule a tour of our campuses today. We hope you plan on the Salter School

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.