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7 Ways to Prepare for any Job Interview

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prepare for job interviewGain an edge before the face-to-face process even begins   

For the majority of career training program students, learning how to prepare for a job interview can be daunting. That may be especially true for people who are just entering the professional world for the first time.  

Of course, Salter’s Career Services Department is always available to help students get the ball rolling on a professional job search.

And here’s some more help: These seven tips can provide some additional guidance for preparing, while gaining some much-needed confidence along the way.

  1. Learn about the organization. Look for an “About” tab or a “Newsfeed” toward the top (or bottom) of any organization’s website. Beyond that, check out the organization’s social media feeds. Facebook and Twitter are reliable ways to learn more about an organization, as well as the products, services and values it endorses.   
  2. Match your skills with those that are expected of anyone who’s applying for that position. Revisit the “Skills and Experience” section of the classified ad you responded to. For each skill listed, try to come up with at least one real-world example, whether it comes from an on-the-job externship you’ve completed or hands-on training you’ve received as a result of enrolling in a career training program at Salter.  
  3. Write out a list of questions. While you don’t want to go overboard, it’s entirely natural for a job applicant to have some questions about any position. An experienced interviewer may cover some or all of these questions while providing an overview. If not, having a list will help to ensure that none of your questions through the cracks.  
  4. Prepare a list of references. It’s a good policy to have three professional references and three personal references at the ready, regardless of whether a potential employer specifically asks for them or not.
  5. Make a decision regarding appropriate attire. When dressing for any job interview, it’s best to assume business-formal. In the end it’s better to over-impress than under-impress if you’re dealing with a professional organization.   
  6. Confirm the appointment. Send an email to touch base a day or so prior to the interview. It’s a perfect opportunity to ask what – if anything – the interviewer would prefer for you to bring (applicants should always bring a pen, their resume, some form of picture ID, and a note pad).
  7. Go over the directions. If you have access to a GPS or a smartphone, directions shouldn’t be a problem. But you do want to gauge how long it’ll take you to get to the interview, and you also want to have the company’s phone number, so you can call if it turns out there’s any unavoidable delay.

Looking for more interview advice? Stop by Career Services for some guidance from the pros.  

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