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About Us

In operation for three quarters of a century, the Salter School is an accredited private vocational school that specializes in comprehensive, accelerated programs designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge required for employment in their chosen field of study. With a focus on the career fields of allied health and business, we are proud of our campus located in the state of Massachusetts in Malden.

The Salter School has a strong reputation for integrated training programs, streamlined education, and a knowledge and understanding of the high-growth career industries. These are just a few of the reasons that people are choosing an education at the Salter School.

Quality Integrated Programs: At the Salter School, we offer focused, accelerated training programs that prepare our students for fulfilling positions in their chosen career fields. In an effort to best serve our students, the Salter School takes its training one step further with our integrated hands-on training model. Our programs require that our students learn outside of the classroom in an on-the-job environment through externships or internships. Through these experiences, our students learn the kinds of demands that are likely to be placed on them in the workplace.

Streamlined Education: Why spend extra time and money on courses you won’t use in your job? Our streamlined career-focused education provides students with an education of just the subject areas they will need in their new career. When time and money are so important, this kind of education makes sense.

High-growth Industries: By keeping on top of what the high-growth industries are, the Salter School continues to remain reputable in the business world. We pride ourselves with keeping up on industry trends. We continually reevaluate our programs to ensure we provide graduates who meet the expectations of employers. Our programs steer our students to industries where job growth is predicted to be strong. Our areas of specialty—allied health and business—are both expected to be growth areas, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor. With training in these fields, our graduates are well-prepared to develop their new careers.

We know that the success of our graduates represents how successful our programs are. We are proud of our many graduates who have found success in their chosen career fields and welcome new students to select us as a partner in attaining their career goals.

Salter’s Programs

Are you ready to begin the journey toward your new career? Choose one of our comprehensive training programs:

Salter Campus Locations

The Salter School has two campuses located in Massachusetts. Each campus offers a friendly atmosphere, modern facilities, and a commitment to hands-on learning.

The Salter School’s Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Salter School is to provide students with necessary skills and attitudes to secure employment in their field of training. At the same time, the student is given an understanding of the responsibilities and obligations involved in the ethical conduct of business. Fundamental to its mission is the emphasis on individual advising and guidance.

From the day a student enters the school, he or she becomes a part of a close-knit, congenial atmosphere, providing the stimulus and opportunity for growth through recognition of his or her individual needs. The objectives of the Salter School are:

  • To provide the finest vocational and cultural training possible
  • To provide curricula that meet the current standards of the industries we serve
  • To provide an environment that will foster academic as well as personal development
  • To assist graduates in securing entry-level positions that will lead to fulfilling their career objectives.

To assist the students in achieving their objectives, the Salter School maintains a creative and innovative ground of faculty and staff members who are chosen for their specialized skill in some phase of business. Students will receive personal attention in classes where communication between student and teacher as well as between student and student, may flourish. Emphasis on individual growth is an essential part of our education program.

Take the time to learn more about the Salter School and you can get started on your way to a fulfilling career today.

The Salter School is a subsidiary of the Premier Education Group, a career-training organization with campuses throughout the Northeastern United States.