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Career Services

Career Services

Starting Your New Career

At the Salter School, we do much more than career training. We have a Career Services department that is dedicated to helping you prepare for your new career. Career development is our specialty, and we are here to help.

Our Career Services department assists all of our students and alumni in all aspects of their job search. From seminars, to personalized sessions, to job searching tools, we are committed to helping you develop a rewarding career.

  • Seminars—we offer a Career Directions Seminar to all of our students to provide a realistic approach to searching for employment.
  • Personalized Sessions—students and alumni can schedule a personalized session to talk about their individual needs and get advice concerning employment.
  • Job Searching Tools—our center provides many different searching tools available to our students and alumni.

The Career Services department offers the following services:

Weekly Job Postings Company Profiles
Job Search Advising Resume Preparation
Alumni Networking Externship Opportunities
On-site Career Fairs Employer Database
Internet Access/E-mail Reference Books
Laser Printer/Fax Service Job Search Materials

Additional Benefits

  • Lifetime job search assistance is available to all of our graduates and alumni who are in good standing. From writing resumes and cover letters, to practicing interviewing, to using the job search tools, the Career Services staff is here to help. Learn more about Job Search Training.
  • Career Fairs are regularly held to provide career information to our students. Students have the opportunity to talk with representatives from area employers.
  • Hands-On Experience is very valuable when it comes to searching for a job. Toward the end of your program, you will be required to complete an externship or internship, which will give you real-world experience and build your confidence in your skills.
  • Relationships with the business world can help open doors to employment. The Salter School keeps close relationships with employers. By understanding the employers’ needs, our Career Services department can help students learn about job opportunities that may be a good fit.
  • References and Referrals are important to potential employers. The Salter School Career Services department can serve as a reference to all students in good standing.

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