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Externships and Internships

If there is one thing that will make you a stronger candidate for a job, it’s real on-the-job experience. At the Salter School, our programs provide just that. Depending on your program, you will be required to complete an externship or internship before you graduate.

What is an externship? An externship is a temporary unpaid job in your new career field, where you will work just as though you are an employee. There will be supervisors working alongside you to help guide you through the demands of the job. You will get to apply the skills you learned in the classroom in a real workplace environment. An internship is similar, but it takes place in our in-house facilities. Most externships and internships last about three months.

These on-the-job experiences not only build your marketable skills, but also provide you with experience to list on your resume, as well as a sense of confidence as you enter the job market.

An added benefit to the on-the-job training is the chance to make connections with potential employers. By making professional connections, you might hear about new job postings, find someone who will serve as a reference for you, or learn new aspects of your career field. Getting to know other professionals in your new field is an excellent way to start developing your career.


Externship placements are part of the following programs:

Professional Medical Assistant
Health Claims Specialist

Your externship will take place in a real work setting, such as a medical office, pharmacy, business office, or law office. You will be expected to perform job tasks as though you are an employee. To help you succeed, you will be working alongside a supervisor who will help you navigate your way through the job.


An internship placement is part of our massage therapy program. Our campuses feature an in-house massage clinic where students can practice their massage skills on one another, and in some cases, with real clients who come to the clinic. You will have the opportunity to assess the client’s needs, discuss their health and massage goals, and deliver the appropriate massage. The massage clinics have the equipment necessary for massage, such as massage tables, linens, and other supplies you will need for the job.

Practicing Skills in a Supportive Environment

The purpose of our externship/internship program is to give our students hands-on experience in a supportive, learning environment. Whether you are in a medical office, pharmacy, or massage clinic, the experienced staff there will help you learn how to do the work. The added benefit to the program is that you will be gaining real-world experience to list on your resume while developing a network of colleagues in your chosen field of employment. What an excellent learning and training experience!

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