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Why Salter School?

Why SalterAre you looking at technical schools and business schools? Here are some of the reasons you may want to attend the Salter School:

Leaders in Career-Focused Education

At the Salter School, we are leaders in career-focused education. What does career-focused education mean? It  means that we provide our students with the skills, training, and industry knowledge they need to start a new career in their field of choice.

Personalized Support

Salter School students receive specialized support services. Our instructors and staff will work with you as you start on the path toward your new career. You will never feel like just a number at the Salter School. Our support starts as soon as you decide to apply. In the admissions office, we are here to help you with your application and financial aid paperwork. During your coursework, our instructors and staff will help you find success in your studies by providing extra support or tutoring if you need it. When you are nearing the end of your education we will be there for you as you start looking for that first job in your new field. Salter even helps you after you graduate if you need refreshers or career advice.

Getting Job-Based Experience

Employers value candidates with job experience. The hands-on learning that is integrated into the Salter education will get you that valuable experience through our externships and internships. Toward the end of your coursework, most of our programs require that you complete an externship or internship. This is a great opportunity to apply the skills you learned in the classroom in a workplace setting. With your placement, you will gain real-world experience that will look good on your resume. When it is time to start your job search, you will feel confident that you have the right skills and the right knowledge for the job. Learn more about externships and internships at the Salter School.

Career Services at the Salter School

Your education and training will prepare you for your new career, but finding the right employment opportunity can be a challenge. Our Career Services department will help you look for the job that’s right for you. We will work with you to create a resume that brings out your skills. We will be there for you as you complete job applications and practice your interview techniques. Through our ongoing contacts with the employer community, we can help you get a sense of what jobs might be best for you. Learn more about Career Services at Salter School.

Great Massachusetts Locations

As one of the accredited technical schools in Massachusetts, the Salter School offers career-focused programs at two convenient locations in Massachusetts. Our schools have both day and evening hours to fit in with your schedule. Find a location near you.

Financing Options Meant for You

If you are concerned about being able to afford an education, let us help you look into financial aid and financing plans. At Salter School, we work with you to create a plan that works for you. Together we’ll look at grants, loans, and other types of financing options. Whether it’s filling out financial aid forms, reading about grants, applying for a loan, or helping you keep track of your budget, the Financial Aid staff at Salter School will help. Learn more about Financial Aid options.

Graduates are Always Welcome Back

At the Salter School, we want you to have continued success in your career long after you leave our classrooms. We know it is important to maintain your skills, so Salter provides refresher sessions free of charge in courses that you’ve previously taken, as long as you are a graduate in good standing. Graduates are also welcome to visit the Career Services department any time for career consultations or career advice, or just to stop by and say hello!

A Balanced Education

A well-rounded educational experience includes more than just schoolwork. It also provides opportunities for students to socialize and start developing their future career network. At Salter, we have picnics, holiday parties, and other special events so our students have an opportunity to get to know each other better. Or you can join in our civic events and charitable activities along with your classmates. You may even have the chance to attend a seminar and listen to a speaker talk about a topic that interests you. There is a whole lot more to attend at the Salter School than just classes.

Accredited Business Schools and Technical Schools

If you’re looking for accredited business schools or technical schools, you’re in the right place. The Salter School is an accredited private vocational school with a long history of providing career-focused education in the fields of allied health and business. Our main campus was founded in 1937, and along with the branch campuses, Salter continues to offer challenging programs that are relevant to today’s job market. Learn more about our accreditation.

Responsiveness to Today’s Economy

To be sure that Salter School programs best prepare our students for today’s job market, we constantly reassess what’s going on in the professional world. One of our strategies for keeping up with new trends is our Advisory Board. The Salter Advisory Board is made up of employers, externship partners, members of the community, current or retired practitioners, and Salter alumni. The Board reviews each program’s curriculum as well as teaching methods, student outcomes, and current business practices. In this way, we stay current with the most recent developments in our fields of study.

For these reasons and more, The Salter School is an excellent choice for anyone interested in career-focused education. Contact us today and find out why more and more people are choosing the Salter School.

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.