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Career Focused Education

At the Salter School, our number-one concern is your future career. From the first time we meet you, we will start talking about your future. We want to work with you to find a career program that matches your skills, interests, and career dreams.

When you attend the Salter School, you will focus your studies on the subjects you need for your career in order to gain the skills and industry knowledge employers look for. In the past, it seemed that a college degree was the only ticket to success, but today things have changed. You don’t need to spend several years in college to start a career in a fast-growing field. The students at the Salter School study just the subjects they need for their career fields. This faster and highly-focused education makes sense, especially in today’s world when time and money are so important.

The coursework at the Salter School will prepare you with the theoretical knowledge you will need in your new field, while our hands-on curriculum will help you develop the practical skills you will need on the job. In our programs, you might have the chance to try out the latest medical equipment, get an opportunity to work as an extern in a real law firm, or practice on the actual software that your new industry uses. With a Salter School education, you will be prepared with the right skills as you enter the job market.

Externships and Hands-On Training

The on-the-job training you will receive during your externship or internship is one of the hallmarks of a Salter School education. As you near the end of your coursework, you will be assigned to an externship or internship job where you learn first-hand the types of responsibilities that you will encounter in your new career field. Your externship not only gives you real-world practice with your new skills, but it also improves your resume. Externships also provide you with an opportunity to develop connections with people who work in your new field. Our students repeatedly tell us how much confidence this work experience gives them prior to graduation. And that confidence carries over into job interviews as you look for your first job in your new career. Learn more about externships and internships.

Career Services For Graduates

We love seeing our Salter graduates when they come back to visit. As long as you graduated in good standing, we welcome you back for ongoing career services. You can take refresher courses in courses that you have previously taken, or seek additional career advice to help steer your career in the right direction. Our Career Services department believes in helping our graduates find fulfillment and success throughout their careers. Learn more about Career Services.

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.