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Become a Better Medical Assistant

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Are you training to become a medical assistant? Perhaps, you are undergoing an internship or learning about ways you can draw blood, transport specimens, and check patients’ vital signs. You will need to know the technical skills to do your job accurately. However, medical assistants must also have the professional or "soft skills" that are necessary to complete your training and maintain a career. As a professional, you need to be reliable and an efficient problem-solver throughout your career.

These tips can help you get started and go above and beyond in the medical assistant field:

1. Be 10-15 minutes early

Manage your time in the morning so you can arrive to work at least 10 to 15 minutes early in the morning. This extra time will allow you to prepare for the day ahead of you. You can have time to put away your coat or lunch. Then, you can check the upcoming day’s itinerary to see which supplies are needed for each new appointment. Arriving early allows you to stay more calm and collected in the morning. You’ll be prepared and organized to greet the first patient that comes in for the first appointment.

2. Maintain a positive attitude

Like any job, a medical assistant career can sometimes be demanding. However, if there is a change in the schedule or an unexpected problem, don’t complain! Instead, maintain a positive approach to the situation so you can solve the problem. Fixing problems is part of your job, and your employer will notice if you’re competent enough to handle and fix a situation realistically, professionally, and in a timely fashion. Always focus on the positive aspects of your career and the fact that you’re helping people. Plus, having a positive attitude will help you remain civil with your coworkers and even inspire them. Your patients will feel more comfortable and welcome when you show the positive traits of kindness and understanding, especially when there is an issue!

3. Complete tasks on time…and offer a helping hand!

Medical assistants are part of a healthcare staff that helps a medical facility run smoothly and efficiently. Members of your team, including nurses, clerical members, and doctors, are relying on you to complete your assigned tasks in a timely and accurate manner. You want to make sure that you are on top of all your responsibilities so others don’t have to complete them for you. This could cause tension at work. Make an effort to complete your responsibilities on time and take your job seriously. If you put your best effort forward, you can complete some of your tasks early. You should also be proactive. When you’ve completed a task or have spare time, see if other team members need help completing a task. Your coworkers will appreciate and value you!

4. Always be professional and respectful

As a medical assistant, you’ll likely be working in a busy environment. Sometimes members of your healthcare team will get stressed and rushed. Remember to remain polite, attentive, and respectful to everyone you meet throughout the day. Giving respect allows you to receive respect back in return. Respecting everyone from the doctor to the cleaning person helps aid a productive environment. It’s especially important to remain respectful and professional towards patients, even difficult ones. Remaining respectful will help you embody the ideals of a caring healthcare professional.

5. Continue your education

The healthcare field is constantly evolving and changing. It’s important that medical assistants stay up-to-date on advances in the field and even continue their education. Since new medications and techniques are being developed all the time, you’ll want to know the  best ways to care for your patients. You may want to take more healthcare classes or join a professional association or organization. Signing up with a professional society can help you stay informed with newsletters and articles. You could even subscribe to a professional journal like CMA Today. Knowledge on current practices can help you feel confident and sophisticated on your career path and it’s a quality others will value.

We hope these tips allow you to be the best medical assistant you can be. You could improve your work ethic and your work environment by following these steps. Plus, you’ll feel more valued and confident in your career!


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