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  • Explore the Rewarding Career of Massage Therapy

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    Discover the reasons why a career in massage therapy may be for you

    Few professions give you the opportunity to make others feel better. But anyone who has had a good massage knows that the effects can last for days. Massage therapy is a popular career choice for those who want to heal others because they can witness the improvement in mind and body. Is a career in massage therapy for you? We’ve compiled our top reasons why you may want to explore it further.

  • Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Spend some time during Sleep Awareness Week focusing on ways to get more — and better — rest

    African American student sleeping at her desk on her laptopIf you’re like most adults, you’re not getting the 7 to 9 hours of sleep your body needs every night. Between 50 and 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, and even for those who don’t, our sleep is not as restful as it could be. There are physical reasons that sleep is important, including that being rested helps to keeps you safe and alert.

  • Is Your Cell Phone Running Your Life?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Take charge of your device and get back some calm and control

    Illustration of a hand chained to a cell phone, but with the chain broken.Our phones add so much convenience to our lives. We can get lots of tasks done remotely, answer almost any question, and be in constant touch with friends and loved ones. But it’s a slippery slope to becoming so dependent on your device that it takes over how you spend your time and interact with others (or don’t). There is no crime in being “bored”—actually some people believe that mental space is the source of serenity and creativity in life.

    Not to worry—we have some suggestions for ways you can begin to wean yourself off your phone. And it won’t be entirely painful!

  • Medical Assisting Student Succeeds Despite Challenges

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    Hard work and determination is helping this Salter School student to achieve her dream

    Daysha Morales Espada, a Medical Assistant student, holds up a sign that reads “For those who doubted me, look at me now…This is just the beginning.” Daysha Morales Espada has a lot to be proud of. This Salter School Medical Assisting student has overcome many obstacles to make her way through this professional training program. She started back in May 2017, and just recently finished her coursework. On February 26, she will head out on an externship at Boston Medical Center, where she hopes eventually to work full-time.

  • Medical Billing and Coding Training Near Boston

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    Become a Health Claims Specialist at Salter School

    Close-up of a Medical Billing and Coding professional’s hands on a keyboard, as she works to input patient records.If you live near Boston or Cambridge, Massachusetts, you already know that our region is famous for top-notch medicine and healthcare. Have you ever considered getting career training in a healthcare-related field? Healthcare careers are not just for doctors and nurses. There are dozens and dozens of other career options!

    This article looks at becoming a medical biller or a medical coder (also called a Health Claims Specialist). At the Salter School, just 20 minutes away from Boston in Malden, Massachusetts, you can get trained as a Health Claims Specialist in less than one year’s time. That’s a short time commitment that can get you started in a whole new career direction. Why not learn more about it?

  • How to Declutter Your Life

    Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

    Follow these tips to get more in control of your space

    A super tidy and decluttered home office, looks relaxing and inviting.We live in a consumer culture, which means it’s easy to accumulate objects. Too many of us end up feeling overwhelmed by our stuff—and as though it’s ruling our lives. If that describes you, then it’s time to take back control with some simple strategies!

  • Falling Behind in Your Classes? Here’s How to Get Better Grades

    Category(ies): Student Life

    You can get back on track by following these steps

    Young male student receives a graded test paper back from his professor in a lecture hall.Whether you’re in college or a professional training program, being in school can be a challenge. The workload can be heavy, with lots of reading, surprise quizzes, and difficult exams. If you’re also trying to work at a job, take care of a family, or even just have a social life, it’s easy to fall behind. Before long, you might see a dip in your grades. If you’re facing this situation, don’t despair! You don’t need to drop out. If you hang in there and work on how you’re handling school, you can get back on track and improve your grades.

  • 8 Tips for Increasing Your Happiness in 2018

    Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

    A young smiling woman holds up an apple – for an apple a day – and gives a thumbs up.Follow these suggestions to enjoy your life more in the coming year

    Have you already let work, school, or family stress interfere with your bright and shiny new year? If so, catch yourself now and take some simple steps to get back on the path to enjoying your life. We all get bogged down in duties and responsibilities, but here are some tricks for keeping the happiness quotient up. You deserve to savor your life—especially if it doesn’t require much time or effort. So try some of these strategies. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Preparing for a Massage Therapy Job Interview

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy, Job Search Tips

    : Close-up view of a massage therapist’s hand and arm giving a massage.Answering these questions as part of your interview preparation will serve you well.

    Training to be a massage therapist can be an exciting process. You’re learning a number of different massage modalities and techniques to treat patients in pain, in recovery, or who are simply in need of relaxation. But it’s one thing to gain technical skills, and quote another to be able to represent yourself well in an interview setting. Before long you’ll be lining up job interviews, and it’s wise to prepare in advance for any number of different questions the interviewer might ask you.

  • How to Fill out the FAFSA: A Guide from the Salter School

    Category(ies): Student Life

    Close-up of a desk with notebooks and a sheet that reads FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid.All students need to know this important information

    Are you thinking about getting an education? Everyone who is considering career school, community college, university, or other post-secondary education should begin with the same step: Completing their FAFSA.

  • Sample Medical Assistant Resume

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    Young woman at a medical assistant job interview, HR person holds her CV, or resume.Improve your job search with a stronger resume

    This article looks at how to write an effective medical assistant resume. Writing a resume can be challenging, but with some simple tips, you can break your writer’s block and get the words flowing. Remember, your resume is often the very first thing that a potential employer looks at. For this reason, it’s important to come “out of the gate” strong!

  • Fun Facts about Massage Therapy

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    Athletes receive massage therapy before they compete.Learn about this ancient technique for your health and as a career

    If you’re looking for a career in healthcare, and would prefer a lot of direct hands-on contact, consider massage therapy. This is a way to use your knowledge of anatomy and physiology via various techniques to heal others who are suffering from pain, stress, and muscle tension. There are a lot of advantages to this kind of treatment. Here’s a chance for you to learn more about this profession, including interesting facts you may not know!

  • Career Options for High School Grads: Spotlight on Medical Billing and Coding School

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    Career training schools can be a good alternative to college

    Close-up of a young African American Medical Billing and Coding Specialist working in an office setting.Do you need more direction in your career? Are you recently out of work or out of school, and wondering how to get your career on track? The good news is: there are hundreds of options for careers! The tricky part is finding a career that fits your interests and skills.

    This article looks at the profession of medical billing and coding. Getting trained in this field could be a great step for you if you are looking to get into the field of allied health/health care. Find out more with our frequently-asked questions below.

  • ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Parties and Weight Gain

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Pretty young woman in a red Santa suit is determined to exercise and keep the weight off over the holidays.Find out how you can prevent weight gain over the holiday season

    Just as the temperatures are dropping, the holiday parties are heating up, which leads to a perfect storm of weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that many Americans gain 1 to 2 permanent pounds this time of year. Over time, that can lead to obesity—and no one wants to be mistaken for Santa.

    While now is not the time to start a diet, it is time to focus on healthy eating habits and avoid missing work outs. Consider these tips to help you navigate your holiday season without packing on extra weight.

  • The Importance of Building a Career Network

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    Young women in casual conversation with a potential employer at a career networking eventNetworking is one of the best ways to find a new job

    Did you ever wonder how someone was hired even though they had the same qualifications as you and you never even got a call? The difference may have been your personal networks. Who you know can help you get your foot in the door.  

  • Living on a Tight Budget?

    Category(ies): Student Life

    Use these tips to help manage your money

    Most of us go through periods of living on a limited budget whether we are in the midst of changing careers or facing other challenges in life. Learning to manage your money is an important life skill that can benefit you even when you are financially stable. Try these tips to help stretch your dollars. You may not even miss some of the things you think you can’t live without!

  • Thanksgiving is Good for the Soul

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Gratitude changes everythingPut the thanks back into your Thanksgiving celebration

    Has your Thanksgiving dinner started earlier and earlier each year, so you can start shopping sooner? Do you sit down with friends and family without ever discussing why you are thankful? Make this the year you slow down and truly give thanks. Not just on Thanksgiving but every day. Your health may benefit from it.

  • Fun Facts for Medical Assistant Students

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health and Wellness

    Fun facts about Medical AssistantsMedical trivia for you!

    At the Salter School, we are proud of how hard our Medical Assistant students are working. They are learning medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, as well as important clinical skills such as injections, blood draws, and more. To add a little fun to the learning, we’ve compiled a bunch of “fun facts.” These bits of medical trivia may not help you ace an exam, but they are still fun to know!

  • Do You Share the Qualities of a Great Medical Assistant?

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    The Salter School can give you the skills and career training you need

    At The Salter School, our Professional Medical Assistant training is designed to help you start a new career that satisfies you. If you are considering a career in the healthcare field, you clearly want to help others in need and care about health and wellness. But have you considered what other traits may be beneficial?

  • Too Busy to Take Care of Your Health?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Try these healthy lifestyle tips for busy people

    How would you rate your health? Are you a diet and fitness guru who never misses a day at the gym? Or are you a couch potato who is happier watching YouTube and noshing on chips? Odds are, you fall somewhere in between. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a challenge—especially in the face of being busy at work, school, or with family.

  • Learn how to improve your communication with Alzheimer’s Patients

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness


    If you see people going purple this month, they are raising awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease.  This degenerative mental disease effects more than 5 million Americans, with more than 10 million who care for someone with the disease, and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

  • What is Mindfulness?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness


    Do you suffer from brain overload? Do you feel like your mind is constantly being interrupted by pings and notifications? Are you always multi-tasking and managing too many things all at one time? Do you find your attention span feels shorter or you have less patience than you used to? If so, you might find that you benefit from the practice of mindfulness.

  • A Typical Day for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    typical day as medical biller or coder​GET A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT WHAT IT’S LIKE TO WORK IN THIS FIELD

    If you’re considering a career as a medical coding and billing specialist, you may want to find out more about what you will do in a typical day. While it may sound simple: a patient has a disease and your job is to assign a code, it can be more than just assigning a number.

  • What Can I Pack for Lunch?

    Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

    healthy lunch ideas, packing lunch​GREAT IDEAS FOR A QUICK AND HEALTHY LUNCH

    Are you the type of person who slips out to the fast-food drive-through to grab lunch? Or do you buy a sandwich at the sandwich shop on the corner? Does your school or workplace have a cafeteria where you can buy lunch? All of these options might taste good, but did you ever consider the benefits of packing your lunch?

  • Salter School Malden Honors Recent Faculty of the Month: Tina Ryan

    Category(ies): Student Life

    faculty of the month, salter school malden​FIND OUT A BIT MORE ABOUT ONE OF OUR OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTORS

    The Salter School is pleased to celebrate one of our stand-out instructors, Tina Ryan. The clinical site supervisor at the Malden campus, Tina teaches medical subjects and clinical classes. She has been at Salter for 12 years.

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