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  • May is Melanoma Awareness Month

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    may is melanoma awarenss month​KNOW THE SIGNS OF THIS DANGEROUS TYPE OF SKIN CANCER

    This May is Melanoma Awareness month. Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, and for this reason, it’s very important to recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease. Most types of skin cancer can be cured if they are caught in the very early stages.  Melanoma is the most serious of them all.

  • An Overview of the Medical Billing Landscape

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    medical billing and coding school, medical billing basicsHERE’S THE LAY OF LAND ABOUT WHAT GOES INTO PROCESSING MEDICAL CLAIMS

    Are you a student studying to become a medical billing and coding specialist, or considering this career field? If so, you may already have a basic understanding of the medical billing process through your own experience with the system as a patient. However, it can be helpful to gain a broader understanding of the industry as you learn about the specific functions of this important healthcare role.

  • Building Positive Relationships in College or Career School

    Category(ies): Student Life

    making friends at school, photo of peopleMEETING NEW FRIENDS CAN BE THE START OF SOMETHING BIG

    Have you made a lot of friends at your college or career school? Or do you mainly keep to yourself and find it hard to meet new people? If you are feeling lonely and shy about making new friends, try these tips. They may help you find the confidence to reach out to someone new. Feeling connected and supported by a group of friends can improve your attitude and your enjoyment of school. Give it a try today!

  • What Is the Code of Ethics for Massage Therapists?

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy


    If you’re studying to be a massage therapist, one of the courses you may take during your training covers law and ethics as they pertain to the field of massage. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork both direct these guidelines, which suggest how a therapist should interact with his or her client in professional settings.

  • What Do Medical Assistants Do on a Typical Day?

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant


    If you’ve been to a doctor’s office lately, you have probably met a Medical Assistant. Medical assistants are the ones who typically call you back to the exam room, take your blood pressure and temperature, weigh you, and measure your height.

  • Why Having a Pet Is Good for You

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness


    benefits of having a pet


    Pet owners know the benefits of coming home to a welcoming pet every day. You can’t help but smile when you see your critter come towards you, asking for some attention. No matter what else has happened that day, it’s comforting to know they’re there and that they’re always happy to see you.

  • Not Going to College? Find Out Some Options!

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy

    college not for you, alternatives to collge, education options after high school​CAREER-FOCUSED TRAINING CAN BE A GOOD ALTERNATIVE 

    College can be a great way to prepare for your future career, but for some people, college is not what they want. Some people find it too expensive. Others find that it is too long a time commitment. Some recent grads may be tired of academics after high school, and are looking for a more hands-on learning atmosphere. And others may be at a dead end because they didn’t get accepted into any of the colleges they applied to.

  • 7 Mental Health Benefits of Walking

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    salter school, benefits of walking, national walk to work day​WALKING IS NOT ONLY GOOD FOR YOUR BODY—IT’S ALSO GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN

    The first Friday in April is National Walk to Work Day. This may not be practical for everyone, since walking is not the commute of choice for most of us (nearly 9 out of 10 Americans drive to work). But there’s usually a way to find a window in your day to take a stroll. It turns out it’s not just good for your health; it’s good for your mind, too.

  • How Social Media Can Help—and Hurt—Your Job Search

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    social media and job search, social media tips for job searching​JOB HUNTERS SHOULD TAKE TIME TO IMPROVE THEIR ONLINE PRESENCE

    You may have heard tales of people who lost out on the dream job because of an embarrassing picture posted on Facebook ten years ago. Or a person who got fired for something incriminating they wrote in a post many years ago. If you are in the job market now, how can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? How can you make social media work to your advantage—not to your disadvantage?

  • 12 Fun Facts about Massage Therapy

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    massage therapy school, fun facts about massageIF YOU’RE GOING TO MASSAGE THERAPY SCHOOL, READ UP!

    For students in massage therapy school, you are probably keeping busy with your school work. You are learning about human anatomy, finding out how to position clients for their massages, and practicing the technique for performing a variety of different massages.

  • Are You at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    american diabetes alert day, type 2 diabetes risksON AMERICAN DIABETES ALERT DAY (MARCH 28), IDENTIFY WHICH RISK FACTORS YOU CAN MINIMIZE

    The American Diabetes Association created an awareness day in 1986 to help educate Americans about type 2 diabetes—the most common form of this disease. The association has been focused on prevention efforts ever since. You can support this effort by evaluating your own risk factors, according to the topics listed below, and talking to your friends, coworkers, and family members about what they know about the disease.

  • A Recipe for Stress-Free Mornings

    Category(ies): Student Life


    If you dread the sound of your alarm in the morning, it might be because you haven’t set yourself up the night before to avoid the stress and panic that can follow. You don’t have to be a morning person to put into place some strategies that can make all the difference. A little bit of planning can pay off hugely in terms of having a little extra time to prepare yourself for the day ahead—without wasting time on things that aren’t essential or could be avoided.

  • 9 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Search

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    job search tips, 5 things to avoid in your job searchSPEND YOUR TIME EFFICIENTLY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS

    Searching for a job can be frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming. It can cause you to feel uncertain of yourself and anxious about the future. If your job search process is unfocused and disorganized, you may find that you are hitting too many dead ends and coming up empty. But it doesn’t need to be this way! To streamline your efforts and get better results, take a look at some common pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

  • What You Learn at Medical Billing and Coding School

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding


    One of the healthcare professions that the Salter School provides training for is Medical Billing and Coding. This is a specialist that helps doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to receive payment from insurance companies for their services. This is a detail-oriented, office-based profession that requires some computer skills.

  • What to Do If You’re Falling Behind in School

    Category(ies): Student Life

    falling behind in school, what to do if you fall behind at school​YOU CAN GET BACK ON TRACK WITH THESE SUGGESTIONS

    Let’s face it. Career schools and college can be really hard. If you’re not prepared for the workload, it can be easy to slip behind in your studies and in your grades. Are you in this situation? If you are, don’t drop out! Don’t give up! There are steps you can take to get back on track.

  • Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    March 8 is International Women's Day​HOW CAN YOU CELEBRATE THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE?

    Since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day has brought together governments, organizations, corporations, and charities to celebrate women’s achievements and call for gender equality. You can take part in this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8.

  • Boston/Malden Residents: Get Career Training in Just One Year

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy

    career training school near Boston, career training in Malden​CAREER-FOCUSED TRAINING CAN BE AN ALTERNATIVE TO A FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE

    Calling all high school seniors in the Boston area! Have you decided what you are doing after graduation yet? You may be considering a two-year or four-year college, or maybe you are thinking that college isn’t for you. If you are looking for an alternative to college, you may want to consider career-focused training instead.

  • Get to Know the Medical Billing Process

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding


    We all go to the doctor, whether it’s for a routine checkup or a specific treatment or procedure. Some time afterwards, you may get a bill for the portion of your treatment that your insurance did not cover. Did you ever wonder what happens in the time between leaving the office and getting that bill?

  • Lunch Ideas for Students on the Go

    Category(ies): Student Life

    salter school, packing lunch, lunch ideas for school​PACKING YOUR LUNCH IS HEALTHIER AND CHEAPER THAN BUYING IT

    Pop quiz: Which is the usually the healthiest lunch alternative? (A) Packing your lunch, (B) Buying it at the school cafeteria, or (C) Stopping at fast food the drive-thru? You probably guessed it already. Packing your lunch is usually the healthiest way to go, and often the most cost-effective.

  • FAQs about Our Professional Medical Assistant Program

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    medical assistant programs, questions about medical assistant training​FIND OUT THE BASICS ABOUT THIS CAREER TRAINING PROGRAM AND SEE IF IT’S FOR YOU

    The medical assistant training program at the Salter School can be a terrific option if you’re interested in healthcare. Read our answers to these frequently asked questions to get a sense of whether this career path might be something you’d like to pursue.

  • 5 Quick Tips for Improving your LinkedIn Profile

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    salter school linked in tips, linkedin profile tips, networking tips​IF YOU HAVEN’T UPDATED YOUR PROFILE LATELY, DO IT NOW!

    LinkedIn has been and still remains a major resource for career networking, job searching, and job recruiting. If you are serious about your career, it’s a good idea to keep a LinkedIn profile that is active and up-to-date.

  • Using Technology in Medical Billing and Coding

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    salter school, medical billing and coding appsApps can support your work as an effective, efficient health claims specialist

    To process health insurance claims accurately, students in a medical billing and coding training program must learn many different diagnostic codes and medical terminology. Navigating all of this requires feeling comfortable with a range of complex kinds of information. Being good with technology is a huge asset in this position. Some medical billers and coders like to keep coding resources right at their fingertips on their Smartphones and iPads. There are numerous apps that can be handy for looking up codes and symptoms.

  • Do Your Heart a Favor During National Heart Month

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    salter school heart healthTurn heart-healthy choices into lifelong habits

    February is American Heart Month. Join the Salter School in celebrating this month by adopting heart-healthy habits into your life. Many people are aware that heart disease is a leading cause of death among men, but did you also know that it’s a leading cause of death among women? That is why heart health is important for men and women alike. Try these tips to make a positive change in your life.

  • The Many Skills of a Massage Therapist

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    massage therapy school, massage therapy career, the salter school malden MAFind out if massage therapy school is a good choice for you

    Massage is not just about relaxation. This career field provides lots of options, because so many skills are considered part of massage therapy. If you have been curious about what work as a massage therapist might be like, look into a training program like the one at the Salter School.

  • For Students Only: Avoid these 5 Study Mistakes

    Category(ies): Student Life


    Have you ever spent all day studying only to realize that you didn’t get much accomplished? Inefficient study habits can cost you a lot of time and may even hurt your grades. Developing efficient study skills is something that can save you time, improve your grades, and make your school experience better. Why not try these tips, and see what a difference they make.

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