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  • Become the Best Medical Assistant You Can

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    be a better medical assistantBe aware of how behavior impacts job performance in this important role

    An essential part of the job of medical assistant is helping people through their day. This might be patients who are at your office and need you to explain the procedure or help them with scheduling. You’re also helping the nurses and doctors who care for those patients. . In all of these duties, being self-aware about how you present yourself can make all the difference. Here are some tips for conducting yourself professionally on the job.

  • Resume-Writing Tips for Today’s Job Market

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    Resume tips, writing a resume for todays job market, resume writing in the internet age​ENHANCE YOUR RESUME WITH THIS ADVICE 

    The art of writing a good resume has evolved over time. The days of using the same old one-page resume for multiple job applications are over. Today’s resumes are competing in an online environment where the competition is strong! These days, resumes are expected to be carefully tailored to the job application and optimized for resume scanning systems.

  • Three Programs Give You Options at the Malden Campus

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy


    If you’re in the greater Boston area and are looking for ways to change or improve your career options, the Salter School in Malden, MA might be right for you. We provide hands-on learning opportunities and help students build the skills, training, and industry knowledge they need to start a new career quickly in their field of choice.

  • 10 Reasons to Get a Massage

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    reasons to get a massageMassage therapists are there to help clients get the relief they need

    In recent years, massage therapy has become a mainstream approach to improving health and wellness. Massages can deliver important benefits, from relaxation to rehabilitation to improved emotional health. Massage therapists are trained in dozens of different techniques, and can help you decide which massage modality is best for you. Find out some of the benefits that people enjoy when they visit their massage therapist.

  • Your Manner Means a Lot in Healthcare

    Category(ies): On The Job

    how to act professional on the job, tips for being professional​HOW YOU ACT CAN MAKE PATIENTS TRUST YOU AND MAKE EMPLOYERS GLAD THEY HIRED YOU

    We’re all been around people who inspired trust and demonstrated consideration and confidence. How do they do it? One way is to ask yourself on a regular basis, “How I can contribute to the professional environment I’m part of?”

  • How to Apply for Financial Aid through FAFSA

    Category(ies): Student Life

    fill out the fafsa, fafsa for student aid​FILLING OUT YOUR FAFSA ONLINE IS THE FIRST STEP

    Do you want to go to college or career school, but worry that you can’t afford it? If so, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. You could be eligible for financial aid to help pay your tuition.

  • Get Down to the Organizational Basics

    Category(ies): Student Life

    get organized, organization tips, salter schoolNow’s the time to set yourself up for success this year!

    Being a student means juggling exams, finals, labs, and papers—all at the same time. Every term, you probably think to yourself, how am I going to fit in all this studying? Believe it or not, there are some life hacks and tricks of the trade that might help you.

  • Is Medical Billing and Coding a Good Career Choice for You?

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    medical billing and coding career, medical billing and coding training​YOU CAN GET MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING TRAINING IN JUST ONE YEAR!

    Are you detail-oriented? Do you like the idea of an office job in the field of healthcare? If so, you may want to think about a career as a medical biller and coder. Many people choose this field because it allows them to work in the important and respected field of healthcare, yet does not involve any direct patient care.

  • Becoming a Medical Assistant could be within your reach!

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    become a medical assistant, what does a medical assistant do​EXPLORE A NEW CAREER IN ALLIED HEALTH IN THE NEW YEAR

    When you turned over the calendar on New Year’s Day, did you look forward to another year in your current job? Or are you feeling trapped in a dead-end job? If your career seems to be stalled, and you are concerned that you do not have marketable job skills, it may be time for a change.

  • 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Ready for 2017

    Category(ies): On The Job

    new career in the new year, salter school, medical assistant program, massage therapy school, medical billing and coding school ​TAKE A HOLD OF YOUR FUTURE WHEN THE NEW YEAR ARRIVES

    It’s the end of another calendar year, and for many people, it’s a time of reflection. Looking back on the year is a good way to evaluate your life and your career. Are you satisfied with what you are doing in your life? Is your career challenging enough?

  • 14 Healthy Substitutes for Unhealthy Holiday Traditions

    Category(ies): Student Life

    salter school of nursing, healthy holiday food substitutionsTRADE IN YOUR EGG NOG FOR HOT APPLE CIDER!

    Overeating during the holiday season is almost a tradition in itself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are worried about gaining weight, there are ways you can still enjoy some holiday traditions while cutting back on the calories. If you avoid some of the “worst of the worst” foods and swap them out for healthier alternatives, you will be on your way to a healthier holiday. Try these clever substitutes this holiday season:

  • Massage Therapy Cover Letter Sample

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy, Student Life, Job Search Tips, Health and Wellness

    massage therapy cover letter sample writing massage therapist career search job professionalNEED HELP WRITING YOUR COVER LETTER? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED

    Graduating from massage therapy school is your first step in entering the field of health and wellness. Your next step is to start searching for jobs, update your resume, and create a stunning cover letter that will appeal to potential employers.

  • 25 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

    Category(ies): Student Life

    fun things to do during the holidays, baking cookies, ways to get into the holiday spirit​IF YOU’RE FEELING LIKE THE GRINCH, TRY THIS ADVICE

    Some Decembers, you can almost feel the holidays in the air. You are the first person to get out your holiday lights and you start listening to holiday music everywhere you go. Other Decembers, you’re just not feeling it. You feel like the Scrooge, the Grinch, and the heat miser all wrapped in one.

  • How to Become a Professional Medical Assistant

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Student Life

    becoming professional medical assistant become medical assisting training program salter schoolCONSIDER ENTERING MEDICAL ASSISTANT SCHOOL

    Do you ever wonder how you can work in a more fulfilling or exciting profession? Becoming a professional medical assistant may give you the satisfaction you desire in a career. Professional medical assistants are vital to the everyday functions of a medical office. They are active workers who provide assistance to doctors and nurse practitioners. Their duties include explaining procedures to patients, preparing exam rooms, arranging for hospital admissions, scheduling patient appointments, administering EKGs, checking vital signs, and performing phlebotomy tasks, among other duties.

  • 5 Secrets to Ending the Morning Rush

    Category(ies): Student Life

    ideas for getting out the door on time, end the morning rush, stop running late, how to get to school on timeGETTING OUT THE DOOR ON TIME DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO HARD!

    Do you have trouble getting to school on time? Do you hit the snooze button too many times and end up in a crazy rush every morning? If you do, then it may be time to take control of your mornings. These tips will help you plan for a calmer, more relaxing start to your days.

  • A Day in the Life of a Medical Biller and Coder

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, On The Job, Job Search Tips

    medical billers and coders medical billing and coding specialists health claims insurance typical day day in the life on-the-job work


    Considering a new career path within that healthcare industry? If you think that medical billing and coding training may be an interesting career choice, you may wonder what a typical day is like on-the-job. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this position? What is the work environment like?


  • 5 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas for Students on a Limited Budget

    Category(ies): Student Life


    If you are a student and living on a limited budget, you may find it hard to afford gifts for friends and other loved ones during the holiday season. You probably want to give meaningful gifts, but the price tag may simply be too high. If this describes you, then try this advice for making a less expensive but more meaningful holiday season.

  • 7 FAQs about Becoming a Massage Therapist

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy, Student Life, Health and Wellness

    massage therapy career training program becoming massage therapist 7 faqs frequently asked questions massage school


    Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting and sociable career path for those who want to lead an active professional life. Massage therapy offers students a variety of lessons and techniques so they can make the most out of their ability to help others.

  • What Makes You Feel Grateful?

    Category(ies): Student Life

    what are you grateful for, photo of fall food and flowers​THANKSGIVING IS THE PERFECT TIME TO REFLECT ON THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and after you’ve finished your turkey and your pumpkin pie, why not take a few moments to think about the positives in your life? Not everything goes right all of the time, but hopefully you can come up with a list of things that make you feel grateful.

  • 5 Reasons to Appreciate your Teachers

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Technician, Student Life

    teacher instructor appreciation gratitude thankful hard work training programs careerTEACHERS ARE HERE TO HELP AND INSPIRE!

    Teachers are an essential part of our lives. They teach us far more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach us life lessons and help us discover who we are and what motivates us to succeed. They help us become thoughtful and productive members of society.

  • 5 Cool Things that Medical Assistants Know

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Job Search Tips

    medical assistants 5 cool things career medical assistant training programIF YOU WANT TO WORK IN THE FIELD OF HEALTHCARE, CONSIDER THIS CAREER

    Do you know any medical assistants? If you have been to the doctor’s office lately, you may have been shown to your room by a Medical Assistant. He or she may have taken your vital signs, asked about the reason for your visit, and shared the information with your doctor.

    Many people are choosing to get trained as medical assistants so that they can be a part of the medical community without the time and expense of a full college degree. Most medical assistant schools can be completed within one year’s time.

  • Professional Medical Assistant Resume

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Job Search Tips

    career healthcare training professional medical assistant resume samplea sample resume to help professional medical assistants get started on their job search!

    Attention recent medical assistant graduates! Are you looking for a job and want to proudly showcase your newly acquired skills? Take the time to write an appealing resume! A resume needs to emphasize your education and skills. A resume maximizes your abilities and shows what skills you can provide for potential employers.

  • Job Search Tips: What to Do if You Are New in Your Career Field

    Category(ies): Student Life, Job Search Tips

    job search tips career services job opportunities career training program career schoolTRY THESE TIPS TO HELP INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF FINDING OPPORTUNITIES 

    Finding your first job in a new field can be tricky, especially if employers are looking for people with experience. It may take some patience to get started in your new field. But with some perseverance and a strategic approach to your job search, you will get there! Try these tips to get started.

  • 5 Reasons for Healthcare Workers to Get a Flu Shot

    Category(ies): On The Job, Health and Wellness
    flu vaccination immunization influenza cold illness public health healthcare workers 5 reasons flu shot

    Keep your patients as healthy as possible!

    The flu is never fun for anyone. If you’re a healthcare worker who helps care for many flu-ridden patients during the fall and winter seasons, then you may understand how important it is to protect yourself and others from catching the dreaded illness.

  • 4 Types of Essential Exercise--Are you getting all of them?

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    exercise routines, 4 types of exercisesVarying your workout routine can have positive benefits

    Whether you are a couch potato or someone who goes to the gym every day, it helps to take a look at your life’s routines and see if there is a way to improve your health. Getting good exercise is at the top of nearly every list. Exercise is important for your heart health, your metabolism, your weight, and even your mood.

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