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  • Cover Letter Sample for Medical Assistants

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Student Life, Job Search Tips

    cover letter tips cover letter sample medical assistants medical assistant training program

    guide your writing with a SAMPLE MEDICAL ASSISTANT COVER LETTER!

    Finding a job can be a stressful task. Once you graduate from medical assistant school, you’ll want to get out into the workforce as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble finding a job, focus on the positive and prepare for your job search. One way to prepare for your future career is to write a stellar cover letter.

  • What Kind of Massage is Best for You?

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy


    There are many reasons why people enjoy massages. Some people like to treat themselves with a relaxing evening at the spa. Others may be getting a massage for medical or therapeutic reasons, such as back pain or an injury. Some people make appointments on a regular basis in order to maintain their health and wellness. Whatever the reason, massage therapy can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

  • Get More Vitamin C in your Diet!

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    vitamin c great sources healthy foods health and wellness fruits vegetables diets


    Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient to include in our every day diets. The healthy nutrient allows us to maintain our health and offers essential benefits to help us feel and look healthy. Vitamin C may be found in healthy foods like oranges, broccoli, and even in beauty products like lotions and shampoos.

  • 6 Tips for New Massage Therapists to Remember

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    massage therapy school, becoming a massage therapist​GRADUATING FROM MASSAGE THERAPY SCHOOL IS A BIG STEP IN YOUR LIFE

    If you recently finished massage therapy school, congratulations! For many students, massage therapy training is a pivotal point in their lives when they discover a field they truly love. Graduation is a time when massage therapy students realize that they have a lot to offer the world.

  • Healthcare Workers: Impress the Boss!

    Category(ies): On The Job

    impress boss supervisor coworkers healthcare career healthcare job tips career advice


    As a healthcare worker, it’s essential that you are dedicated to a job where patients’ health depends on your caregiving skills each day. Healthcare is a field where you need to be consistent, ethical, responsible, and cooperative with patients.

    Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed at work, but it’s worth it knowing you are giving valuable care to those in need.

  • A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant

    a day in the life of a medical assistant, what medical assistants doFind out if you are suited for this career path

    If you are considering getting career training, it’s a good idea to find out what your new career will be like before you start your training. Medical assistant training is one of the career-focused training programs that you can choose at the Salter School. This article can help you decide whether this is a good career path for you.

  • 6 Career FAQs about Medical Billing and Coding

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, On The Job

    medical billing and coding specialist 6 career FAQs medical biller and coder health claims technician training programessential FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT A MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING CAREER!

    Are you thinking about going back to school for a career path where you can be an integral part of the healthcare industry? Perhaps, you want a career where you remain largely independent in your work environment? Consider a career as a medical billing and coding specialist.

  • For Parents Only: Are Your Kids Looking at College?

    Category(ies): Student Life

    alternatives to college, career training, vocation trainingConsider career-focused training as an alternative

    In these days of high college tuition and student debt, many parents get anxious when their children reach college age. This article looks at career-focused training as an alternative to a four-year college, as well as the kinds of jobs that you can get without a college degree.

  • 5 Great Qualities of Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, On The Job

    medical billing and coding specialists health claims specialists traits qualities characteristics


    Do you like working independently, but desire a role within the healthcare industry? A popular career path to choose is that of a medical billing and coding specialist, also called health claims specialists. In medical billing and coding school, you may learn the skills of how to properly prepare, analyze, code, and submit health insurance claims for reimbursement.

  • 15 Sample Questions to Help You Prepare for a Job Interview

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    job interview questions, practice interview questionsPracticing these questions in a mock interview can boost your confidence

    Being asked to schedule a job interview is great news. Getting to the interview stage means that the employer is strongly considering you for the job. It’s your chance to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the job.

  • Steps for Staying Energized!

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, On The Job, Health and Wellness

    energy at work stay energized tips six steps active mind and body health and wellness

    7 steps to help you feel more energized at work!

    From doctors to nurses to medical assistants, the healthcare industry requires its workers to stay attentive and active throughout their busy work day. Healthcare professionals need to be alert in case of medical emergencies or problems that may arise at a moment’s notice.

  • Qualities You Need to Become a Massage Therapist

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    become a massage therapist, massage therapy school​BECOMING A MASSAGE THERAPIST CAN BE A SATISFYING CAREER

    Are you looking to start a new career? The field of massage therapy has become more mainstream in recent years, and massage therapy training programs are available in many career schools and community colleges.

  • Become a Better Medical Assistant

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, On The Job

    professional medical assistant training program become a better medical assistant professionalAIM TO BE THE BEST IN YOUR CAREER FIELD!

    Are you training to become a medical assistant? Perhaps, you are undergoing an internship or learning about ways you can draw blood, transport specimens, and check patients’ vital signs. You will need to know the technical skills to do your job accurately. However, medical assistants must also have the professional or "soft skills" that are necessary to complete your training and maintain a career. As a professional, you need to be reliable and a problem-solver throughout your career.

  • 10 Unusual Study Tips that Just Might Make the Difference

    Category(ies): Student Life


    There is no doubt about it. Studying for a test is hard! There are lots of materials to memorize, facts to remember, and concepts that you need to understand.

  • It's that Time Again - Back to School!

    Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

    new semester back to school prepare for new season lifestyle tips reorganize


    With the beginning of a new school year comes new beginnings! Each new school season, you will see that the back to school supplies are back on the shelves. If you’re enrolled in a career training program, you may have also been preparing your school supplies for your new classes. The new school season is a great time to prepare and rearrange your lifestyle to fit your new academic schedule. If you are going back to school, take the time to think about reorganizing your life with these essential tips:

  • Handwashing Technique for Medical Assistants

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health and Wellness

    hand washing tips, proper hand washing for medical professionals, hand hygienePreventing infection is important for all healthcare professionals

    Before you entered medical assistant school, did you realize how important hand washing was? Proper handwashing is crucial for preventing the spread of infections. In a healthcare environment, it is especially important not to spread illness from patient to patient, especially when dealing with elderly patients, very young patients, and patients who are immunocompromised.

  • The Benefits of a Chair Massage

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness

    chair massage benefits massage therapy training program massage therapy career chair massage technique3 REASONS TO GET A CHAIR MASSAGE!

    Chair massages provide many helpful benefits for the mind and body. They can help us de-stress quickly and relieve tension during a busy day. When you enter a massage therapy training program at Salter School, one technique you will learn is how to give a chair massage. 

    Massage therapists offer chair massages to people who want small adjustments in between massage therapy appointments. Chair massages are performed on clients who don’t have much time to spare.

  • For Busy Students: Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day Off Right

    Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

    easy breakfast ideas, quick breakfast ideasTRY THESE SUGGESTIONS TO GET YOU GOING IN THE MORNING

    Do you wake up and run out the door with no breakfast? Do you go through the drive-through and get a coffee and a doughnut? As we all know, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” so why not make the effort to make yours healthier?

  • Build your Healthcare Network!

    Category(ies): On The Job, Job Search Tips

    networking tips healthcare professionals steps for successTHESE NETWORKING TIPS MAY HELP ADVANCE YOUR CAREER!

    Networking can be a significant benefit in advancing your career. Putting yourself out there and meeting new professionals can help you become more visible in your healthcare field. It can also help you build relationships with people who know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. Sometimes, networking can be more effective than a resume or cover letter.

  • Find Out How Far a Little Kindness Can Go

    Category(ies): Student Life

    random acts of kindness​“RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS” ARE FREE AND EASY TO DO!

    In a world that is often too dominated by bad news, it is fun to spread a little goodness when you can. The term “random acts of kindness” describes the practice of doing a kind thing for another person—whether a stranger or someone you know—for no reason at all other than to share a kindness.

  • 8 FAQs about Becoming a Medical Assistant

    Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Student Life

    medical assistant training program salter school frequently asked questions


    Do you want a career where you can give back to the world? Providing beneficial healthcare to a community is one important aspect you may seek in a career. A medical assisting career path can help fulfill these desires. Enrolling in medical assistant school allows you to learn the skills you need to become an effective member of a healthcare team. It also allows you to give and promote healthcare that could help improve the lives of many different patients.

  • Step into a Day as a Medical Biller or Coder

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding

    medical billing and coding training, what does a medical biller and coder do​FIND OUT WHAT YOU WOULD DO ON A TYPICAL DAY ON THE JOB

    Medical billing and coding is an important part of the healthcare industry. Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for coding patient charts, recording information in electronic health records, and processing insurance claims for payment. These professionals can also be called Health Claims Specialists.

  • Reasons to Drink Water Every Day

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    benefits of drinking water essential reasons drink more waterWATER CAN HAVE MANY BENEFICIAL IMPACTS ON YOUR HEALTH!

    Water is so pure that it seems like it can offer little nutrients or substance to the human body. However, water actually provides us with the fundamental building blocks to sustain our physical and mental bodies. The natural liquid makes up nearly 60% of the human body and roughly 76% of the heart and brain.  Life on earth could not exist without water.

  • 6 Ways for Students to Save Money

    Category(ies): Student Life

    ways for students to save money​DON’T LET YOUR MONEY SLIP AWAY!

    Do you have trouble keeping track of your money? Do you feel like you are always broke? It isn’t easy living on a student’s budget, but there are things you can do to stretch your dollars. Try these money-saving tips. If you stick to them, you will find it makes a difference!

  • What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy, On The Job, Health and Wellness

    massage therapy typical day what massage therapists do on the job massage therapy careerLEARN MORE ABOUT A MASSAGE THERAPY CAREER

    The more researchers learn about the health benefits of massage, the more people are beginning to seek out massage therapists to relieve pain and stress in their muscles. Massage therapy is a popular career choice for those who seek career-focused education. Massage therapists find the career rewarding because they get to benefit the health and wellness of their clients and patients every day.

    Curious to learn more about this career path? Have you ever wondered how a day in the life of a massage therapist would be? Our guide will help you understand what massage therapists do each day.

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