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Build your Healthcare Network!

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networking tips healthcare professionals steps for successThese networking tips may help advance your career!

Networking can be a significant benefit in advancing your career. Putting yourself out there and meeting new professionals can help you become more visible in your healthcare field. It can also help you build relationships with people who know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. Sometimes, networking can be more effective than a resume or cover letter.

Networking is a great way to show off your professional skills. If you’re currently looking for a job, it may be the perfect way to start.

Here are five networking tips that can help you build strong connections in your professional community:

Step #1: Take advantage of a LinkedIn profile

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn. It can be a great tool for you to meet other professionals. LinkedIn has thousands of users who stay active and connect with each other online. You can create a profile and market your skills at no charge. LinkedIn is a great way to stay knowledgeable on current healthcare trends. You can also optimize your LinkedIn page so that it appeals to potential employers in your field:

Here are some ways to take advantage of LinkedIn:

  • Start conversations: Socialize with other healthcare professionals online. Comment on their posts and share links. Ask introspective questions and reach out to professionals about job positions. Interacting with professionals through blog posts can help you become a recognized part of the community. Offer positive feedback and comments to create an online presence.
  • Endorsements: LinkedIn features an endorsement tool. Endorsing colleagues is seen as a friendly and complimentary gesture. If you endorse others, they may do the same for you. Endorsements look good to potential employers.
  • Profile pictures: Personalize your profile by including a professional profile picture. Pictures allow you to become recognizable and help make your profile more attractive for potential employers.

Step #2: Join healthcare organizations

One of the most important steps of networking is making new contacts. Research associations, organizations, and societies that you’re interested in joining. Look for groups that are dedicated to your field or specialty. For example, if you are a dental assistant you may want to join the American Dental Assistant Association. Joining organizations will keep you up-to-date on advances in your field. Plus, you can gain satisfaction from being part of a large, professional healthcare community.

Step #3: Get out of the house…attend events!

There’s no excuse to sit at home when you could be out building professional relationships! Create a list of healthcare or networking events that you could attend. You can search for events on online forums, LinkedIn, and other healthcare websites. While at your healthcare facility, see if any events are listed that you can attend. It’s important to find local organizations with events that you can attend so you can meet connections in your area. When you show up to events, people may start to recognize you and develop a sense for who you are professionally.

Step #4: Volunteer your time

Show your dedication and passion for your healthcare field by volunteering at a local health facility, group center, or organization. Volunteering shows that you want to positively affect your community. You can meet others who are just as passionate about improving the field. You can develop professional bonds with others and learn about new developments that you might not know about otherwise. Maybe, you're volunteer work can also help you to build strong relationships with your community. You never know where a connection may lead! Plus, it looks great on your resume.

Step #5: Build your professional persona

Developing a professional profile can help you stand out from the crowd. First, make sure your online profile and personality traits remain professional and outgoing. Emphasize personality traits that are valued in healthcare workers. But make sure your true self shines as well. Maybe you have a unique aspect of your personality that you can highlight. Other healthcare professionals could recognize you for your dedication to a specific subject. When you develop several professional traits, you may become appreciated for them.

A positive attitude is crucial to building a strong professional persona. Plus, it will help you easily converse with others. When you put effort into networking, you have a greater chance of increasing your knowledge and meeting helpful contacts. Perhaps, it could even lead you to better career opportunities and the chance to further improve your skills!


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