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Come Study in Malden, MA!

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maden massachusetts  greater boston area salter schoolSalter School’s campus is just 15 minutes from Boston

Malden, Massachusetts is a city of culture, influence, and historical prestige. You may not have even heard of Malden. Its close proximity to Boston means it’s often overshadowed in the travel books. But Malden is a town with the perfect blend of country, city, and culture. It also plays an influential part in American history and is home to many significant personalities.

Did you know that during the American Revolution, Malden’s citizens were a part of the early resistance who fought the British forces? It was also the first town to petition the colonial government to withdraw from the British Empire.

The Salter School is proud to be a part of this historic city. Our campus is conveniently located just a mile and a half off I-93, and can easily be reached from Boston by public transportation. Here are some of the reasons why the Salter School loves the Malden community:

The outdoors

If you live in Malden, you’ll have lots of opportunities to explore the outdoors. The Middlesex Fells Reservation offers hiking and kayaking throughout the year. Take advantage of the many trails, reservoirs, and Boojum Rock, an outlook offering views of Malden and the Boston skyline. The park is especially beautiful in the fall.

The attractions

Take your family to explore the Stone Zoo, located just 10 minutes from Malden’s center. You can enjoy exotic species of birds, snow leopard, black bear, and the gibbon.

Malden is also located near Boston’s T line, which means you can easily get to historic sites and museums like the public garden, Boston Common, and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in downtown Boston.

The cuisine

Malden is home to numerous immigrant communities that make up 37% of its population. A bonus of the Malden mixing pot is that you have access to many impressive and eclectic cuisines. Try Asian fusion restaurants like All Seasons Table Restaurant, Exchange Street Bistro, and Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant. For some budget-friendly drinks, try the cocktail bar and restaurant Mystic Station. You also have access to all the acclaimed restaurants of Boston.

Become a part of the Greater Boston area

Since Malden is so close to Boston, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of its culture and become a part of a larger community. Going to healthcare training school in Malden can help you make connections in the Greater Boston area and take advantage of its job opportunities.

According to Industry Projections for Boston’s North Metro area, healthcare and social assistance careers are expected to grow by nearly 22%, ambulatory health care services by 27.2%, and hospitals by 15.3% from 2012-2022. These statistics suggest a positive job outlook for people with healthcare training.

If you’re interested in Malden, MA, the Salter School offers training programs including:

What are you waiting for? Our city is a cultural gem offering many opportunities in its community.


The Salter School is a private career school and a proud part of the Malden and Greater Boston communities. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs or schedule a tour! 

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.