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Find Out How Far a Little Kindness Can Go

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random acts of kindness“Random Acts of Kindness” are free and easy to do!

In a world that is often too dominated by bad news, it is fun to spread a little goodness when you can. The term “random acts of kindness” describes the practice of doing a kind thing for another person—whether a stranger or someone you know—for no reason at all other than to share a kindness.

Students at the Salter School are great at spreading kindness. Throughout the school year, they hold numerous community events, such as food drives, toy drives, blood drives, and other outreach that shows they care about their community. Every year, we are so impressed with their generosity. Random acts of kindness are another way to reach out to others.

Below is a fun list of easy kindnesses you can share with others. They don’t require any advance planning, and are usually free (or at least very inexpensive). Try one out today, and see how it feels to bring some brightness to someone else’s day.

  • Write a thank-you note for the custodian at your school
  • Put coins in a parking meter that you notice has expired
  • Leave spare change in the vending machine at your school
  • Give an extra dollar tip the next time you eat out
  • Compliment a friend or classmate in front of someone else
  • Text an uplifting message to a friend
  • Post a compliment on the Facebook wall of one of your friends
  • Give your teacher a card saying why you enjoy his or her class
  • Let a driver into your lane of traffic
  • Pick up a few pieces of litter around your school or neighborhood
  • Give flowers to someone anonymously
  • Sweep your neighbor’s walkway
  • Donate nonperishable foods to a food bank
  • Compliment a young parent on their child’s behavior
  • Sign up for a soup kitchen
  • Leave inspiring quotes on post-its in your school restroom
  • Lend a book to a friend

What other ideas do you have? The sky is the limit. Once you start practicing random acts of kindness, you may not want to stop!


With four campuses in Massachusetts, the Salter School encourages its students to be a part of their community and enjoy the act of giving. Our school provides career training for medical assistants, massage therapists, and health claims specialists. Learn more about us today.

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