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Healthcare Workers: Impress the Boss!

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As a healthcare worker, it’s essential that you are dedicated to a job where patients’ health depends on your caregiving skills each day. Healthcare is a field where you need to be consistent, ethical, responsible, and cooperative with patients.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed at work, but it’s worth it knowing you are giving valuable care to those in need. If you want improved ways to show your boss that you care and are dedicated to your job, look no further! At Salter School, we hope to offer you tools to impress your supervisors and your coworkers. If you implement these tips, you could start to feel more productive and passionate about your healthcare career. You may also start to see an easier workflow and a happier environment for you, your coworkers, and patients.

Here are four surefire ways to impress your colleagues:

1. Be an early bird

It’s better to be early than rushed. Begin the day by arriving at least fifteen minutes early to work. When you arrive early you can prepare for the day ahead without feeling overwhelmed or distracted. You’ll have time to hang up your coat, check your email, examine the schedule, and prepare the exam rooms for the first patients. If you feel calm and look prepared, your boss and coworkers may feel more confident in your professional abilities. You may also be more responsive to requests from your colleagues. Plus, your demeanor may make patients feel more secure when they walk through the door.

2. Find a solution

In all careers, there will sometimes be problems or issues that arise. Healthcare workers may be advised to solve problems on their own, especially if the supervisor is busy. If there is an issue, it may be best to solve it first before consulting your supervisor. Here are two steps you can take when handling an issue:  

  • Step 1: Ask yourself if you’re allowed to solve the issue. Think about if you can ethically to solve the problem correctly. If you’re apprehensive or unsure, consult your boss. One important component of this step is to know if you’re legally allowed or authorized to solve the current issue. When you know you have the ability and authority to help solve a problem, take matters into your own hands!
  • Step 2: Start confronting the problem by thinking of a solution. Before you go to your boss, quickly think of some suggestions. Generally, supervisors appreciate your dedication and sincerity in trying to solve an issue. It may emphasize that you’re dedicated to your job.  Sometimes a suggested solution can save time and stress. Let your boss know you care about a swift and beneficial outcome.

3. Always be kind and positive

Oftentimes, healthcare facilities have strict rules and regulations. You may find constant authorization dogmatic or frustrating. Instead of complaining about it, you could improve your workplace morale by suggesting more efficient practices so the facility operates more smoothly. It’s beneficial to be positive and kind to others, instead of complaining about how you hate your work environment.

Here are some critical questions to ask yourself about improving your work environment:

  • Do you know of any technological tools or advancements in the field which could improve the workplace? If you don’t know about any, think about what might help the facility run smoother and research it!
  • How can your department improve patient care? Remember that any changes you suggest should improve the integrity of the facilities' healthcare practices.
  • Do you and your coworkers have effective communication skills to complete tasks efficiently?
  • Offer some suggestions to your supervisor on ways that you think could improve the department or workplace morale. Your supervisor may see you as a valuable team player and critical thinker.

4. Be determined and proactive

Determination and a proactive attitude are characteristics that can lead to success in any field. In healthcare, it’s important that you foresee the needs of patients and offer a helping hand to coworkers. Each day, make sure you’re prepared to take care of the next patient. If you see that your coworkers and supervisor are feeling overwhelmed with emergencies or tasks, offer to help. It’s important that you are perceptive to others' needs so that you can help your coworkers provide care. Plus, you want your patients to feel confident with your skills. Before you know it, you may fall into a smooth routine so that you can anticipate problems before they happen. Think about what your patients will need throughout the day. Each day, check the closets to make sure all supplies are stocked and sanitized. Report low inventories to your supervisors. Being proactive and helping out may help your supervisors and coworkers feel that you’re kind, professional, and reliable.

Our four tips may help you build a more efficient and ethical work atmosphere. Your employer may recognize and appreciate your skills and dedication to the job. Perhaps your coworkers may feel happier and more positive with your help! Whether you’re newcomer or a veteran worker, your extra effort could open the doors to greater work opportunities and improved quality of life for patients. Salter School wishes our students the best of luck in their future careers!


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