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How Meditation Can Help Massage Therapists ‘Tune In’

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massage therapist training meditationSalter students get a meditation lesson from Buddhist monks

Can practicing meditation help massage therapists be more effective in their jobs? If so, then some students in the massage therapist training program at Salter’s Fall River campus just got a lesson from some of the best.

Two classes of massage therapy students, along with their instructors, just took a field trip to the Nawamintararachutis Wat Buddhist Temple in Raynham, MA, to learn about meditation.

“It’s all about mindfulness,” says massage therapy instructor Marianne Crowley. “If students can learn to center themselves, they can be more present for the client.”

Leaving distractions at the door

While anyone is likely to have thoughts and concerns that take their minds momentarily away from work, massage therapists have a strong incentive to learn techniques to stay focused on the job. Reason: Paying attention to sometimes-subtle cues from clients can help practitioners adjust their techniques to meet the client’s needs.

“If you’re an anxious person, you have to be able to calm yourself,” says Crowley. “Meditation is a form a self-care for our students as practitioners. And we can also recommend it as self-care for our clients.”

During the field trip, students were given a tour of the Temple and then led through a five-minute meditation with the monks.

Massage Therapy Program Director Christine Mello described the visit as “magical.” She points out that while meditation was an important component of the trip, the excursion had some other benefits as well.

“It brought our students together,” Mello stated.  “We, as a group, were able to share this experience in the generosity of each other and of the Monks.”

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