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How to Act Professional in Your Healthcare Career

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All healthcare jobs are essential to the proper functioning of health facilities like hospitals or doctors’ offices. In a healthcare job, you may be responsible for assisting in patient care, following procedures, and communicating with patients every day. Whether you’re a medical assistant, practical nurse, or medical coder, healthcare facilities depend on you to be professional.

As you may have learned in your training program, you will have to work with co-workers, patients, and supervisors throughout your career. Acting and speaking professionally are necessary to help build a successful career and strong business relationships.

As you prepare to enter the job market, here are ways to act professionally on the job.

1. Be a team player

Many professions demand a team player, but being part of the team is especially important in a healthcare position. Your healthcare duties require you to communicate clearly with co-workers and help them provide the best care possible to patients. Be kind and help co-workers with patient duties or cleaning if you have time. Supporting a co-worker will make both of you feel part of the team and make life easier for both workers and patients.

2. Dress professionally

It’s important to dress appropriately in your healthcare field. Ask your healthcare employer about the dress policy. For many healthcare positions, you can wear scrubs. Make sure yours are well-cared for and clean for your job. As a general rule, never show mid-drift or too much skin. Since your duties may include handling blood specimens or lifting patients, wear sneakers, gloves, and cover-up your legs. Appropriate attire makes you appear prepared and professional.

3. Be on time

Time management is essential to building a professional reputation. Make sure to get up early to prepare yourself for your work shift. If you don’t show up to work on time, you could put a patient’s health at risk because they need your care.  If there is an emergency, the facility will be short-staffed. By being on time every day, you’ll come off as responsible and can build your sense of self-worth.

4. Be honest

Build a reputation as an honest person. Honesty is necessary when you’re communicating status updates to co-workers and procedures to patients. It’s important to be honest so your co-workers know the proper care to give to patients. If patients feel you’re honest, they’ll be more comfortable around you. People will know you’re reliable and value your work more if you’re trustworthy.

5. Focus on work

Breaks are sometimes needed and it can be a natural time to bond with your co-workers. However, it’s important to stay focused on your job during work hours. Patients need your care around-the-clock. If there is an emergency, you need to respond right away. Don’t distract yourself with workplace gossip or personal phone calls. Call friends and family when your shift is over. Being work-focused during your shift shows you’re dedicated and responsible.

6. Respect others

Respecting others is an integral part of the healthcare field. If you take care of patients all day, it’s necessary to respect patients, their needs, and choices. Make sure you treat patients the way you’d want to be treated. You can show respect by acknowledging patients’ concerns and checking in with them frequently.

Show respect for your supervisors and co-workers by helping out with duties and being friendly. Respectful behavior shows you’re easy to work with.

Your training program will help you achieve the professional skills needed to succeed in your specific healthcare field. If you follow these steps and stay positive, you could advance to greater professional opportunities.


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