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The Invisible Personality Trait That Can Help You Land a Job

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how to show employers you're dependableHow to show employers that you’re dependable

If you’re a Salter student, you probably already know that getting professional training can be key to landing a job as a professional medical assistant, health claims specialist, or massage therapist.

However, showing off your knowledge and highlighting your skill set will only get you so far once you’re sitting across from a hiring manager. Yes, that means the pressure is on you to land the job.

It’s important to remember that employers want to get a sense that they’ll be able to count on you if they choose to hire you. That’s why it’s smart to demonstrate dependability during the job interview.

But how can you do that, without sounding like you’re trying to sell yourself? Here are five things to keep in mind:

The dependability to-do list

  1. Obviously, show up on time for the interview – no excuses! If you’re prone to being late, enlist a buddy to help ensure that you get out the door early. It’s far better to have to kill some time if you’re early for an appointment, rather than have to have to explain why you were late.
  2. Be ready to talk about yourself – in the right way. The day before the interview, sit down and think about times when your dependability saved the day or contributed to a team’s success. You can use examples from former jobs, school, volunteer activities, or even family life.          
  3. Do some homework. As soon you get called in for an interview, research the company as much as possible. Try to get a sense of what being dependable in that position might look like and then mention those traits in your interview. For example, you talk about how you never call out sick without finding someone to cover your shift or handle your job duties.
  4. Provide references who have seen you shine. Ask these people to be sure to stress your dependability during reference checks, and ask them to mention specifics.
  5. Be humble, but not too humble. Remember, a job interview is one of the few places where it’s OK to talk how great you are – just make sure you don’t come off as arrogant. You can highlight your dependability by giving credit away. For example, you could say something like “My last manager was so on-the-ball. From her, I really learned how to get my work done while also supporting other team members.”

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