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It's that Time Again - Back to School!

Category(ies): Student Life, Health and Wellness

new semester back to school prepare for new season lifestyle tips reorganizeA NEW SEASON IS A GREAT REASON TO START OVER AND REORGANIZE!

With the beginning of a new school year comes new beginnings! Each new school season, you will see that the back to school supplies are back on the shelves. If you’re enrolled in a career training program, you may have also been preparing your school supplies for your new classes. The new school season is a great time to prepare and rearrange your lifestyle to fit your new academic schedule. If you are going back to school, take the time to think about reorganizing your life with these essential tips:


  • Clean and tidy up your home. Donate old clothes to charity. Clean out your refrigerator, get rid of old housewares and sweep the floors. You can also get out your fall clothing for the colder weather. Cleaning your house or apartment for a new season can help you feel prepared and organized.
  • Make sure all batteries are charged for all your devices. Check your fire alarm to make sure it works properly. Put a fire extinguisher in a convenient spot in case of emergencies.
  • Organize your mail and bills by putting them in an organized and secure location.
  • Prepare a study area for when you do your homework. Clear off a desk or table so you can concentrate better.


  • Purchase necessary school supplies. Create a checklist of items you need like notebooks, folders, pencils, dividers and a sturdy backpack to carry everything in. You could find these items at the dollar store or another inexpensive store. Keep an eye out for sales during this time of year.
  • Plan out your study hours so you have enough time to complete your homework and study each day.
  • Create a work area or study station. A table or desk can be a great spot for you to focus on your schoolwork.


  • Returning to school may call for new glasses or contacts. Make an appointment with your eye doctor. Checking your eyes can help catch any problems or help you understand how to protect your eyes better. Plus, it can prepare you for the classroom because you will need to see the board and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Maintain your dental hygiene. Schedule a dental checkup at least every six months to make sure your dental health is on track. Your dentist can help you fight any problems like gingivitis or plaque. 
  • Visit your family doctor. A general checkup can help you discover any unexpected concerns with your health that can cause long-term problems. It’s worth it to make a visit even if you feel healthy. This way you can catch any problems and decrease the chances of having to take off school or work in the future.
  • Create a new exercise plan! Staying physically active can help you feel more energized. Try making your routine fun with exercises that challenge and stimulate you. Some fun exercises classes may include Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, or hot yoga.
  • Start cooking healthy recipes! Change your eating habits for the better.  You can find healthy, seasonal recipes online at sites like Food Network and Shape magazine. Browse through specific recipes on Google. Sticking to a healthy diet may help you avoid eating out which makes you spend more money and adds on the calories. 

Free time:

  • Exercise your interpersonal skills. Spend quality time with loved ones. You can start by reaching out to old friends and family members you haven’t seen in a while. Make a plan to call your family members more often. You can also join professional organizations to start networking. You may even want to volunteer to get to know people in your community and expand your important job connections.
  • Give back to others. Random acts of kindness can help improve your self of worth and the community around you. Try helping someone with their groceries, giving a compliment, or lending an ear to someone in need.
  • Take advantage of your free, local library. Libraries offer so many educational resources and materials to read and enjoy in your leisure time. 
  • Try something new. If you want to feel more cultured or explore the world more, why not start now? Rent a foreign film or watch a TV show of a different genre. When you are exposed to more types of media and educational resources, you can develop more knowledge, character, and a greater sense of self.

At Salter School, we hope these tips help you reassess and focus on how to prepare yourself for returning to school. These tips can help you lead a more fulfilling and productive lifestyle. You may feel more energized, happy, and responsible when you follow these tips. We wish you luck with the new courses!


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