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Job Hunting: Why Sending Out Fewer Resumes Might be More Effective

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job hunting sending resumesTargeting specific companies allows you to take a more strategic approach

“Job hunting.” We all use the phrase, but we take for granted what it means. “Hunting” generally means going out in search of something … and then bringing that thing home. After all, no one wants to go on an endless quest.

If you’re job hunting, you want to land a job so your search can be over.

You can bet that most of our cave-dwelling hunting-and-gathering ancestors used a strategic approach to achieve their hunting objectives.

Let’s see what we can learn from them and how it applies to job hunting.

Go out and get it

Yes, attending a  career school like Salter can be important when seeking employment as a professional medical assistant, health claims specialist, massage therapist, or pharmacy technician.

And yes, Salter’s career services department is happy to help you create resumes, scope out opportunities, and prep for interviews.

However, it’s also important to remember that your job search starts at Salter, but it ultimately ends with you. That means you’re going to need to be proactive and not sit back and wait for opportunity to come to you.

Do you think our ancestors just waited for big game to walk into their camp? You can bet they didn’t.

Be precise

You’ve probably already heard lots of tips about where to find job listings, how to create your resume, and what online networks you need to be on. After all that, what you’ve got is a very broad overview of the job landscape.

If you were a prehistoric hunter, this would be the equivalent of standing on a cliff and looking over the valley below to target where the animals might be. But the hunter knows he isn’t going to be able to hit his target from there, no matter how many arrows he launches. Plus, he also knows that that strategy is going to lead to significant fatigue and a lot of lost arrows.

He needs to narrow his focus. He needs to hunt with precision.

It’s the same for job hunters. It can be tempting to just launch your resume toward every job that you’re even marginally qualified for. But you’re probably unlikely to hit your target that way.

And let’s be honest: Employers can tell when you’re just sending the same resume to everyone who’s hiring.

In addition, that strategy can seriously backfire if you end up applying for the same job multiple times, or for several different positions with the same company.

Numbers don’t count

Remember, job hunting isn’t a numbers game. It’s not about how many arrows you use, it’s about what you hit.

Follow the hunter’s lead. Focus your job search to a handful of companies that you’ve carefully researched. While it’s certainly advisable to apply to more than one job at a time, don’t waste your energy or dilute your search by sending out resumes to every listing that has a keyword match.

Of course, some jobs will get away. As our prehistoric hunter will tell you, that’s the nature of any hunt.

When that happens, do what he did. Focus your attention on your next target, don’t allow yourself to be distracted, and grab another arrow.

Inspired to get out there and hunt for your ideal job? Stop by career services for some expert guidance.

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