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Massage Therapy Cover Letter Sample

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massage therapy cover letter sample writing massage therapist career search job professionalNeed help writing your cover letter? We’ve got you covered

Graduating from massage therapy school is your first step in entering the field of health and wellness. Your next step is to start searching for jobs, update your resume, and create a stunning cover letter that will appeal to potential employers.

Why do you have to write a cover letter? A cover letter is important because it is the first thing a hiring manager views. Are you having trouble writing your massage therapy cover letter? We’ve got an example that can help give you an idea of what to write and how to present yourself on paper. Remember, a cover letter should always be truthful, clearly written, and explain your goals, education, and passion for your career.

You’ll most likely submit your cover letter electronically or in email as a PDF attachment (along with your resume or online application). You may compose your letter with software like Word or Google Docs. When you get a job interview, bring a hard copy of the cover letter, resume, and a list of references.

You can use our sample massage therapy cover letter below. If you would like more assistance with your job search, writing your application, or preparing for a job interview, contact Salter School's Career Services Department at any time. We are here to help our students and recent graduates succeed!

Massage Therapy Sample Cover Letter


Ms. Alicia Huppert
1245 Lilac Way
Tewksbury, MA 08764
Phone: 609-123-4567


December 15, 2016


Robert Hathaway, MD
1028 Castle Avenue
Tewksbury, MA 08764


Dear Dr. Hathaway:

Please accept my application for the Massage Therapy position advertised in the Tewksbury Times on December 15, 2016. My resume is enclosed for your review.

I recently graduated from the Salter School's 900-hour Massage Therapy training program. At Salter School. I was fully trained in numerous massage therapy techniques including a 180-hour clinical internship at Salter School’s on-site massage therapy clinic where I worked with clients in the local community.In the clinic, I gained experienced with Swedish massage, shiatsu techniques, deep tissue massage, and other modalities.  In addition to providing massages for clients, I conducted administrative tasks like scheduling patients, working on promotions, and managing supplies.

If you would like more information, I would be happy to provide a transcript from the Salter School and the evaluation I received from my supervisor. I am extremely excited about working as a massage therapist and offering the utmost in care and healing benefits for your clients.

If you would be kind enough to meet with me, I will answer any questions about my education, background, and skills.

I look forward to hearing from you, and will call you next Monday to ask if we may arrange a time to meet in person.


Thank you for your consideration.



Alicia Huppert

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