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Professional Medical Assistant Programs

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Are you interested in the medical field? Would you like to be part of a professional medical team? Professional medical assistants play an important role in a medical setting. They prepare patients for examination, take patients’ vital signs, assist in laboratory procedures, perform blood draws, and handle other duties in a busy medical setting.

Professional medical assistants are a link between the patient and doctor. In this role, you will have the opportunity to assist doctors with the daily tasks, develop relationships with patients, and help the office run more smoothly. Above all, you will get a sense of satisfaction from knowing that you are helping others.

As a professional medical assistant, you might work in a physician’s office, hospital, outpatient center, urgent care center, or any medical facility where assistance is needed. The healthcare industry looks to medical assistants to handle administrative needs as well as patient needs, so the job of a medical assistant can be a dynamic one with a range of interesting responsibilities.

The Professional Medical Assistant program at Salter will prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a healthcare professional. You will gain the necessary background in areas such as office skills, clinical procedures, medical terminology, pharmacology, and medical billing.

No prior experience is necessary. If you want to become a health care professional, consider the Professional Medical Assistant program at Salter.

Professional Medical Assistant: Career Description
Find out about the day-to-day responsibilities of professional medical assistants, as well as the job outlook, salary potential, and certification exams for this rewarding career field.

Professional Medical Assistant: Sample Classes
The classes you will take at Salter are practical, hands-on courses that help you develop your skills and knowledge.

Professional Medical Assistant: Career Services
After you finish your training, we want to help you get started in your new career. Find out how Salter’s Career Services department is here to help you. 


Shanice Rogers - Professional Medical Assistant program

Shanice Rogers

Professional Medical Assistant

Malden, MA

What Our Graduates Are Saying

“Without my education from Salter, I would not have the job or the career opportunities that I have now.”

“Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted my career to be in the field of healthcare,” says Shanice Rogers, a graduate of the Professional Medical Assistant program at the Malden campus of the Salter School. “I love to help people, and as a medical assistant, that’s what I do all day.”

Shanice excelled during her studies at the Salter School. As a student at the Malden campus, she was president of the student council, and got involved with other school activities. “I loved school, and I still miss it today,” she recalls. “It was a great experience.”

Her hard work and involvement were worth the effort. After she graduated, she accepted a position as a Clinical Assistant with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA.

“I love working in the specialty of women’s health,” Shanice said. “In my job, I assist the physician during colposcopies, biopsies, pap tests, and birth control procedures. I also provide assistance with the obstetric patients by checking on them during labor and delivery,” Shanice explained at the time of this writing.

Shanice feels that if she hadn’t gone back to school, she would not have had the job she has now. “I don’t worry as much about the future now. My job is amazing, and I have a good income that allows me to send my sons to private school.”

What Shanice says about the Salter School: “Without my education from Salter, I would not have the job or the career opportunities that I have now.”