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Medical Assistant Training in Fall River, MA

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medical assistant training program medical school fall river ma Discover what skills you can learn at the Fall River campus!

Are you looking for a medical assistant school in Bristol County, Mass.? Do you live in the Providence/Taunton/New Bedford region? If so, you may find the Fall River campus of the Salter School to be the school you are looking for.

Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, just off Route 195, the Salter School offers a hands-on Professional Medical Assistant training program. Medical assistants are healthcare workers who provide basic patient care and assistance to doctors and medical staff. They may also perform administrative and technical duties on the job. Medical assistants are trained to work in doctors’ offices, hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, ambulatory care centers, and other healthcare facilities.

During your training, you will learn both clinical and clerical skills. This enables you to become a clinical or a clerical medical assistant after graduation. Here are some things you will learn in the program:

Medical Basics & Terminology

The Professional Medical Assistant training program provides students with essential medical terminology, law and ethics, and two anatomy and physiology courses. Students can learn the functions of the human body like cellular functions, tissues and membranes, the nervous system, immune, respiratory, and digestive systems, and the urinary system among other focuses. These classes can help you better understand the human body and its proper care. If you’re worried about administering the correct amount of medicine to a patient, pharmacology classes teach aspiring medical assistants about terminology, ethical practices, and calculations for preparing medicine.

Clinical Procedures

Students will take three clinical procedure classes in the Professional Medical Assistant program. These courses will help students prepare for the medical clinical work setting and develop their skills in safe ways. You’ll be taught the daily operations of a clinical healthcare facility. These courses will help teach you technical skills including:

  • Infection control
  • Taking vital signs
  • Recording medical histories, charting, and filing
  • Assisting physicians during exams
  • Assisting physicians during minor surgical procedures
  • Clinical lab regulations
  • Collection and handling of specimens
  • Venipuncture theory
  • EKG
  • Administering medications

Clerical and Coding courses

Your training will also give you the clerical skills to help run a medical office. You’ll learn the basics of computer management with keyboarding and word processing instruction and the proper use and management of electronic health records. The Salter School in Fall River features education on billing, payment, medical office accounting systems, and coding instruction for medical insurance. You’ll also gain a brief overview of codes for procedures and diseases, payment methods, and the use of ICD-10-CM and HCPCS coding books.

Externship experience

Toward the end of your program, you will enter an externship at a Fall River or nearby healthcare establishment. You’ll gain on-site job training so you’re prepared to take on a professional career. You’ll also gain hands-on experience helping patients and opportunities to build your professional network in the Providence/New Bedford/Taunton area. You will use tools and critical thinking skills demonstrated in your Professionalism courses to practice becoming a responsible caregiver.

How do I apply?

If you’d like to apply to the Professional Medical Assistant training program in Fall River, visit the Salter School’s website or contact us by phone. Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Take a tour of our Fall River facilities and decide for yourself if the professional medical assistant career path is right for you! You may end up falling in love with the school and Fall River’s scenic and historic charm.


This article is provided by the Salter School’s weekly blog. We also offer the Professional Medical Assistant program at our campuses in Tewksbury, Malden, and New Bedford, MA! We hope to hear from you!

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.