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No Snow or Ice Could Keep Tewksbury Students from This Important Career Advice

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salter school career trainingCareer-readiness expert visits campus to help students prep for job search

Without a doubt, students at all of Salter’s campuses have had a certain amount of disruption this winter. However, the extreme weather gave the Tewksbury area a much-needed reprieve at the right time.

The snow stopped falling long enough so that Rick Sears, known as one of the nation’s leading career-readiness experts, had enough time to pack up his winter gear and make the trip from North Carolina to the frozen tundra (or “Massachusetts”) in mid-February to speak to a packed house at Salter’s Tewksbury campus.

Students in the massage therapy, professional medical assistant, and health claims specialist / medical billing and coding training programs were treated to Sears’ keen insights on conducting effective job searches.

A familiar face

While Sears has worked with hundreds of well-known companies and colleges, he’s beginning to be a familiar presence on Salter campuses. He’s spoken at several Salter locations over the past few months.

With each visit, Sears brings his trademark mix of motivation, inspiration, and real-world tips for finding and landing jobs. 

“I bring experience from the other side of the hiring desk,” Sears says. “I can tell the students where on their resumes my eyes are going to land within the first two to three seconds.”

And where is that first landing zone? The applicant’s most-recent position.

Sears points out that Salter students who are new to a field shouldn’t fret too much if their current job isn’t related to the position they’re applying for. Instead, they can put the focus on their externships and the professional experience they gained there.

Advice for calming jitters

In addition to resume tips, Sears offers students advice on how to remain calm during job interviews.

“Everyone gets nervous,” Sears explains. “The key is to practice confidence.”

Sears says that one way to do that is to not wait for the hiring manager to start an interview.

That is, job candidates should go in prepared with one question to ask right away  – from the moment he or she meets the interviewer in the lobby (after introductions, of course).

Asking the person something such as “How long have you worked here?” while walking to the interview area can have a double benefit for a job applicant.

First, it can create a sense of outgoingness and friendliness – both of which are often sought-after qualities in new hires.

Second, it can take the pressure off the interviewee, just for a second, so he or she can have a moment to take a few calming breaths before starting the official interview.

Remember, if you’d like help with your resume or your job search, Salter’s career services office is happy to help. 

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