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Not Going to College? Find Out Some Options!

Category(ies): Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist / Medical Billing and Coding, Massage Therapy

college not for you, alternatives to collge, education options after high schoolCareer-focused training can be a good alternative

College can be a great way to prepare for your future career, but for some people, college is not what they want. Some people find it too expensive. Others find that it is too long a time commitment. Some recent grads may be tired of academics after high school, and are looking for a more hands-on learning atmosphere. And others may be at a dead end because they didn’t get accepted into any of the colleges they applied to.

If you find that college is not the right educational path for you, you might want to consider other options, such as career-focused training. Career-focused training is just what it sounds like: training that is targeted toward preparing you with the job skills you need for a certain career of your choosing.

How career-focused training can be a good alternative to college

Career-focused training is similar to college, in that you need to take classes and pass all of them in order to earn a diploma. Also, you get to work alongside other students and learn from talented and interesting instructors. But career training is different from college in many ways too. Here are some of the reasons that people choose career-focused training instead of college.

  • The application process is simpler and faster
  • You can apply year-round
  • There are fewer academic courses and more hands-on experiences in your chosen career field
  • Many programs can be completed in just about one year
  • Many programs feature an externship where you get to practice your new skills in a real workplace
  • You will only be paying tuition for about one year as opposed to four years or more
  • You can get into the job market sooner

The Salter School, with campuses in Fall River and Malden, Massachusetts, invites you to explore the career-focused training programs that we offer:

Professional Medical Assistant: These healthcare professionals get to see the field of medicine up close and personal. They assist doctors in hospitals and doctors’ offices with checking in patients, taking their vital signs, and recording other important health information.

Health Claims Specialist: A health claims specialist may also be called a medical billing and coding specialist. These professionals are responsible for assigning special codes to medical and surgical claims, so that they can be submitted to insurance companies for payment.

Massage Therapist: As massage therapy is becoming more and more popular, massage therapists learn a wide range of traditional and popular massages to help bring greater health and wellness to their clients.

Each of these programs can be completed in less than one year, putting you on the job market in a short period of time with job skills that you can be proud of. For more information about enrolling at the Salter School, contact us online. We hope your career education begins with us!

The Salter School Malden campus is no longer accepting new enrollments.