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Why Now Could be a Great Time to Start Your Medical Billing and Coding Training

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medical billing and coding trainingGood News from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: The Job Outlook for Medical Billing and Coding looks Bright

If you’re already in a health claims specialist training program, or if you’re considering entering one to learn more about medical billing and coding, give yourself a pat on the pack.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for health claims specialists is expected to be “much faster than average” compared to other career choices.  The BLS predicts that positions in the medical billing and coding field will increase by 22% from now until 2022.

The Digital Divide

Entering this field now rather than later could prove to be a significant advantage for people who plan to make a career in billing and coding. Reason: Many healthcare facilities are already transitioning to electronic healthcare records (EHRs), or are planning to do so soon to comply with certain healthcare regulations.

The change from paper to digital means a significant amount of upheaval for many practices, as seasoned coders are forced to adapt to new processes and techniques. People who have skill sets that align with the latest techniques and methods could be especially in demand as electronic systems replace paper-based workflows.

An Opportunity to Shine

The transition to EHRs will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for automation in medical billing and coding. However, while automation can accomplish certain repetitive tasks with ease, the fact is that many systems will be unable to deal with the more complicated nuances that often accompany medical billing.

Consider that the IT systems between practitioners and various insurance companies will need to work in close alignment. Adoption of any new technology system is often accompanied by significant number of IT glitches and headaches. Health claims specialists who can demonstrate an ability to keep their cool and problem-solve on the fly will go a long way toward proving their worth and building career stability.

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