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Qualities You Need to Become a Massage Therapist

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become a massage therapist, massage therapy schoolBecoming a massage therapist can be a satisfying career

Are you looking to start a new career? The field of massage therapy has become more mainstream in recent years, and massage therapy training programs are available in many career schools and community colleges.

If you think a massage therapy career could be in your future, take a look at some of the qualities that good massage therapists should have. How do you measure up? Do you think this career could be right for you?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, massage therapists can benefit from having these key qualities:

1. Good communication skills
Massage therapy is about more than simply delivering the massage. First and foremost, massage therapists need to be able to communicate clearly with their clients. Massage sessions should begin with a discussion of what the client is expecting from the massage. Communicating clearly about what is expected and what can be provided is the best way to keep your clients happy.

2. Good decision making skills
Clients may not always know exactly what they want. For example, they may be able to communicate what hurts, but they might not know what type of massage would best help their pain. Massage therapists need to be able to help clients make the right decision on the right kind of approach to get the best results.

3. Empathy
Empathy means being able to relate to others. Massage therapists need to feel empathetic toward their clients. They need to understand what kind of pain or discomfort the client may be feeling. They need to be able to talk to clients on a personal level and establish a level of trust.

4. Integrity
In massage therapy, clients share private information with their therapists, whether it is health information or personal information. Massage therapists need to have the integrity to protect the privacy of their clients.

5. Strength and stamina
If you have ever received a massage, you will know why it’s important for massage therapists to have strength and endurance. It takes a lot of strength to deliver most massages. The therapist has to exert a great deal of pressure when doing deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, and other modalities. With each appointment lasting about 50 minutes, and a full schedule of 6 to 8 clients per day, that’s a lot of stamina!

6. Time management skills
Most massage appointments are 50 minutes long. Massage therapists need to learn to manage time and pace the massage accurately so that the client receives the entire massage in the allotted time.

Do you have these six qualities? If you don’t have all of them, don’t worry! Massage therapy schools can train you with the knowledge, skills, and traits you need to become a skilled massage therapist. Most programs take less than one year to complete.

To learn more about this career field, read 5 Things to Know About Becoming a Massage Therapist. We hope this article has helped you decide whether this is the career for you.


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