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Questions to Ask and Avoid During Your Healthcare Job Interview

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job interview questions healthcare workers ask potential employersan interview is your chance to learn more about the employer!

Job interviews are a great way to show off your experience, training, and technical skills in your career field. As you prepare for your healthcare job interview, you will research your potential employers and practice your interviewing and communication skills.

Clear communication is an important part of the job so healthcare employees will want to see how clearly and honestly you respond.

Although you will need to practice answers to your potential employer’s interview questions, it’s also necessary to prepare questions to ask of your potential employers. Asking questions during your job interview will help you get to know more about the potential employer and decide if the job is a good match for you.

Here are 5 questions you should ask employers during your job interview.

1. What are the main responsibilities of this job?

This question shows that you’re interested in learning more about your potential job position. Although your training gives you a good idea of what duties your job entails, this question shows healthcare employers that you want to be prepared and responsible. Asking this question also shows that you want to communicate clearly with your potential employers.

2. What is a typical day or week in this job like?

Asking about the typical work day or work week allows prospective employers to discuss typical duties and expected hours. You can get an idea if the position requires you to work overtime regularly. And you’ll also learn about the tasks and challenges you will face on the job. You can get a good sense of who you will assist and what practices the facility uses on a daily basis.

3. How much training is offered for new employees? Are there opportunities for additional training?

Employers will see that you care about learning and advancement if you ask this question. Showing that you are interested in career development lets employers know you are serious about the position. Since education and additional training are important for career advancement in an ever-evolving field, your eagerness to learn could impress your interviewers. This question also shows that you care about accurately learning the training policies of the healthcare facility. Training will be necessary once in a while to keep up with updated healthcare practices, so it’s good to show employers you care about perfecting your skills.

4. What have past employees done to succeed in this job?

This question allows potential employers to highlight some of the qualities they expect to see in their healthcare workers. It’s an opportunity for employers to talk about what actions and practices work best in their department. It also shows that you care about the success of the department, the care of patients, and your own personal success.

5. What are the strengths of the department and what challenges do you face?

Employers have the opportunity to answer honestly about the current status and future of their specific healthcare department. You can also get a sense of how the larger healthcare establishment is succeeding. Knowing the strengths lets you know how your skills can match the department’s definition of success. Learning the challenges lets decide how your own skills can help improve the healthcare facility. If you have skills that you believe will benefit and advance the department, explain them to your interviewers.

Questions to Avoid

You want to ask questions that show you’re passionate about your profession and advancing the best health practices. However, there are some questions you should avoid asking because they come off disingenuous, unprofessional, or in poor taste. 

At your job interview avoid asking these questions:

  • How much does this job pay?
  • Do you offer a benefits package? What are the benefits?
  • How much vacation time do I get?
  • How long until I can get a promotion?
  • Am I hired?

You may impress your potential employers with your preparation, passion, and willingness to learn more about your potential new job. Asking thoughtful questions will help show you who Good luck on your job interview!


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