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Reasons to Drink Water Every Day

Category(ies): Health and Wellness

benefits of drinking water essential reasons drink more waterWater can have many beneficial impacts on your health!

Water is so pure that it seems like it can offer little nutrients or substance to the human body. However, water actually provides us with the fundamental building blocks to sustain our physical and mental bodies. The natural liquid makes up nearly 60% of the human body and roughly 76% of the heart and brain.  Life on earth could not exist without water.

During the warm summer and throughout the year, water is the healthiest and most thirst-quenching drink for humans to consume.

Below are five reasons to consider drinking water every day for improved health and wellness.

1. Brain power benefits from water!

Help your mind function better. When the human body becomes dehydrated, the body’s organs, including the brain, lose oxygen and lubrication which is essential for nutrients to be absorbed within tissue and the body’s system. The process helps our bodies function correctly. Water also helps stimulate brain power by restoring nutrients, liquid, and oxygen. You’ll notice that you can think and react better once you hydrate. When your brain functions properly, you can improve your problem-solving skills. Maybe you’ll even do better on that next exam.

2. Drinking water can save you money

Drinking water is a practical way to save money. Avoid spending money at the convenience store or the coffee shop on your way to work or school. On average you’ll spend anywhere from $2-$5 per day which can really add up over the course of a year. You could save hundreds of dollars by bringing a reusable canister or water bottle with you each day. Fill it up with water before you leave the house and refill it at a water fountain. You can find affordable reusable water bottles at your local grocery or drug store or find a brand that carries a water filter within it. The cost may be worth it if money is saved in the long run. Plus, a reusable canister is better for the environment!

3. Help maintain your weight

Drinking water doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight, but it can help you maintain your weight if coupled with a healthy diet and exercise. Since water has no calories, drinking water instead of soda, coffee and juice reduces your daily calorie intake. Drinking 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water each day can also boost your metabolism. This causes your body to process unwanted ingredients and toxins quicker. Water can also help you feel full throughout the day so you can decrease your chances of overindulging in high-calorie foods. If you follow a healthy regimen with plenty of exercise, water can help give you a more lean-looking physique.

4. Improved physical performance

Many athletes will know that staying hydrated helps your body function properly during a big game. However, it can also help you function better during work where physical or strenuous activities may sometimes be required. When you drink water, nutrients are restored to help revitalize the muscles and cells within the body. You’ll find your muscles are more limber and less strained. Plus, your chances of muscle sores and tension can decrease. Water also helps remove waste and bloating from the body so you can move with more agility. If you’re performing physical tasks throughout the day, drinking water can help keep you on your toes and even keep you awake!

5. Hydration!

Hydration occurs when your body absorbs liquid. Water is the best source of hydration because it’s all natural. Water increases cardiovascular health, improves your immune system, keeps muscles and joints working, and helps cleanse unwanted waste and toxins from the body. Drinking water can help relieve headaches, regulate body temperature, and — along with a proper diet —balance your blood sugar. You could also see the benefits of healthier-looking skin. When you don’t drink water, your body may become dehydrated. You could experience fatigue, irritability, slow reaction time, a weakened attention span, and a high temperature. Staying hydrated will help you stay focused and feeling great throughout the day!

When you have the choice of a drink, choose water. It’s a healthier option that restores your mind and body so you can perform to the best of your abilities. Staying hydrated helps you feel more balanced and energized throughout the day. Plus, you may see the benefits of a healthier lifestyle!


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