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Salter Students Get Career Advice from One of Nation’s Leading Career Readiness Experts

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salter schoolRick Sears Prepares Students for Post-Graduation Job Search

Students at several campuses of The Salter School were recently given an unusual opportunity to help them prepare for entering the job market after completing their career training programs.

Rick Sears, the president and CEO of Career Masters International, visited several of Salter’s campuses earlier this month, where he gave students some powerful insight on how to find a job after graduation.

Expertise That Aims High

Sears is known as a pioneer in the field of career readiness and has worked with hundreds of well-known companies and colleges. He said that visiting the Salter campuses was an exciting experience for him. “I usually speak at four-year colleges or big corporations. It’s extremely rare for a career-focused school to bring in someone like me.”

During the career-readiness sessions, Sears showed students how to write effective resumes. “Students worry when I tell them that the first place the hiring manager’s eyes are going to go is their current title,” said Sears. “Then I reminded the Salter students that by the time they graduate, their most-recent position will be their professional externship.”

Students were also given a primer on how to prepare for an interview, and how to put their best foot forward during the meeting. “We don’t teach things that students aren’t going to be able to do,” Sears explained. “Everyone is going to be nervous on an interview. It takes practice and confidence.”

One tip Sears has for calming interview jitters: Start the interview by asking the hiring manager questions. “Walk in, shake hands, and the say ‘I’ve admired this company from afar … what got you started here?’ If you start the interview that way, it turns it into a conversation.”

Lessons for Both Students and Staff

“You can tell that the morale of students at Salter is high,” Sears said. “The students recognized that the school is bending over backwards for them by having these kinds of targeted career-readiness sessions. Within the first few minutes of each session, students were fully engaged.”

“Rick’s visit brought a great synergy to the school,” said New Bedford Campus Director Foyann Plohr. “He was very welcoming to the students. He also met with the faculty and it was a very productive and positive experience. We hope to continue to work with him in the future.”

“Opportunities are everywhere,” Sears added. “To stay competitive, sometimes you have to think outside the box.”

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