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Salter Tewksbury Students Celebrate at Pinning Ceremony

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medical assistant training programStudents recognized for completing academic classes before beginning next phase of professional job training

Salter’s Tewksbury campus just marked a major milestone in the lives of several students. The campus held a “Pinning Ceremony” to recognize those students who have completed their academic coursework in their programs of study.

Six students in the professional medical assistant training program and one in the massage therapy training program will now put their skills to the test in the “real world” as part of Salter’s internship and externship program.

On-the-job experience

The internship/externship program is a key element in most of Salter’s training programs.

During this phase of training, students get real-life, on-the-job experience in professional settings, such as medical facilities, offices, or in-house facilities on the Salter campus, depending on the program.

Through these temporary, unpaid job assignments, students get to practice the skills they’ve learned in classes and workshops, while working alongside people who are already employed in the field.

Not only does this allow students to improve and expand upon their knowledge, it provides a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced supervisors who can provide critical insight into what it takes to be successful in certain fields.

A powerful resume builder

Of course, building on the knowledge students have acquired in the classroom is a key benefit of completing an internship or externship.

However, the experience provides value in other ways as well. That is, it allows people who are new to a field to show professional job experience on their resumes.

That can be an important advantage when entering a career for the first time, according to career readiness expert Rick Sears. During Sears’s frequent visits to Salter campuses, he encourages students to highlight their externships over previous jobs that may be in unrelated fields.

Built-in networking

Internships and externships can also allow Salter students to leverage one of the most effective job-hunting tools candidates can utilize today: networking.

Proving oneself as competent and knowledgeable during an internship or externship is a great strategy. However, those students who go above and beyond – and who demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm for the job – may find that their superiors are willing to provide them with recommendations or may even refer them to available job openings.

Of course, ultimately, students’ career success depends largely on their efforts. But Salter’s career services department is available as a resource to both students and graduates.

We can’t wait to see what our next group of Salter students will accomplish!

Interested in learning more about Salter’s internship and externship programsRequest more information or schedule a tour at our campuses in Fall River, Tewksbury, Malden, or New Bedford. 

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