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Social Media Do's and Don'ts

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Make sure your social media experience is a positive one

Social media is an incredibly large network that allows us to connect with friends, families, and even strangers across the globe. With such a powerful tool, it’s a good idea to know how to use it wisely. We have all heard stories about people who have been caught in embarrassing situations—or lost their jobs or lost their good reputations—all due to the way they’ve used social media. To do your best to avoid this, take some steps to ensure that you are using social media as carefully as you can!


1. Do: clean up past posts if necessary

If you’ve had social media accounts since your teen years, you might want to go back and clean up anything potentially embarrassing. This is especially important if you are trying to get into college or looking for a job. Use these tips to clean up your social media accounts.

2. Do: add to the social media conversation

Some people like to watch what’s going on in social media, but don’t want to add anything. There’s nothing specifically wrong with this, but it’s better to join in the spirit of social media and contribute something. Even if it’s just giving someone a “like” or posting a friendly compliment, this will add value to other people’s experiences.

3. Do: be natural

Social media is not a competition for who has the best life. You don’t need to try to create an artificial version of yourself to post online. Instead, the advice is simple: just be yourself!

4. Do: pause before you post

We’ve all read angry and emotional rants online. If you’ve ever posted something like this, you may have later regretted it. If you are feeling upset, it’s a good idea to stop yourself before posting anything. Better to wait until you’ve cooled down.

5. Do: be positive

Social media is a great way to bring positive feelings, support, and encouragement to others. Be sure to leave fun and positive comments to friends and others. It’s a simple and great way to brighten someone else’s day!

6. Do: keep separate accounts for personal and business

Some platforms like LinkedIn are specifically targeted for your business or professional needs. But others, such as Twitter or Facebook, are useful for both personal and business reasons. If you use these for business purposes, keep a separate account for your personal activity.



1. Don’t: post inappropriate posts

No matter how private you think your account settings are, there’s always a danger to posting anything inappropriate. Once it’s “out there,” you can’t get it back. Use this rule of thumb: If you’d be embarrassed if your employer or your grandmother saw it, don’t post it.

2. Don’t: post anything hurtful

Social media is meant to be a positive influence in our lives, but people have used it to hurt or embarrass other people. Being shamed or criticized on social medial can truly be devastating to a person’s life. If in doubt, just ask yourself: would you want someone posting something like that about you?

3. Don’t: complain about work

Some people complain about their jobs in their social media posts. Even if you have your settings set to private, this can still be dangerous if your employer ever saw it. Try keeping those thoughts to yourself rather than posting them.

5. Don’t: be tricked by fake news

The “news” stories that you see online are not always checked by trained journalists. Fake news stories circulate online rapidly when people begin sharing them. This spreads misinformation and generally creates a climate of distrust. To avoid this, find reliable news sources that you trust, and question anything that seems outrageous, suspicious, or too crazy to be true.

6. Don’t: get down in the dumps

Are you one of those people who feels a little down after looking at the social media streams of your friends? Do they all seem to have the perfect life that you wish you had? If so, you are not alone. Plenty of people feel this way! If social media gets you down, then give it a break. Just take some time off to realize that you are just fine the way you are!

7. Don’t: forget face-to-face interactions

Even though social media can be a lot of fun and bring so much information to our fingertips, there’s nothing that quite replaces real face-to-face interactions with people. Be sure to find a balance in your life, so that you can enjoy friends and family in real life and in the cyberworld.


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