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Steps for Staying Energized!

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energy at work stay energized tips six steps active mind and body health and wellness7 steps to help you feel more energized at work!

From doctors to nurses to medical assistants, the healthcare industry requires its workers to stay attentive and active throughout their busy work day. Healthcare professionals need to be alert in case of medical emergencies or problems that may arise at a moment’s notice.

It’s essential to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each evening before your work shift. Although this will help you feel more energized at work, you still might need help maintaining that energy throughout the day. Plus, other factors like poor diet and stress can cause your tiredness. Around afternoon, many people start to crash. When you’re busy helping others, you can become tired fast. If you’re looking for ways to stay energized on the job, our list of six steps can help you out!

1. Healthy breakfast

You need to have a healthy foundation upon which to build your energy each day. Start the day right by eating a nutritious breakfast. After sleeping all night, your body needs to replenish itself with essential nutrients which supply the body with energy. The American Deictic Association recommends consuming a healthy breakfast of low-fat meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains so the body can convert these into energy for the mind and body. Adding fruits with vitamin C to your diet can help the brain signals respond quicker so you can stay more alert. Once you have the energy to start your day on the right foot, you can perform better at work.

2. Hydrate with water

Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day so you can avoid fatigue and, as a result, poor mind and body function. On your breaks or in between task, take a sip from your water bottle. Consuming 8 glasses, or 64 ounces, of water a day allows the natural liquid to help remove waste and toxins in the body. Plus, it revitalizes the way you feel by restoring nutrients to muscles and joints. As a healthcare worker, you need physical endurance so water can help your blood vessels expand and more oxygen to flow to the brain. Purchase a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated easily throughout the day.

3. Keep it interesting…switch up tasks!

If your mind is stimulated, you can keep your mind alert. Alternate tasks during your work shift. Many healthcare jobs require you to multitask at once like recording information, communicating with patients, and assisting your coworkers in various clinical or administrative tasks. The alternating activity can help your mind be ready to tackle a new direction. It may not be Sodoku, but it helps the mind stay aware and alert throughout the day. You may have so many things to do that before you know it your work shift may be over!

4. Stay fit!

Healthcare jobs help you stay active, but to make sure you have physical endurance, make sure you exercise in your spare time. A great way to prepare for an active work day is to exercise before your work shift. Take 30 minutes to an hour for some light yoga, running, or other cardiovascular activities. Exercise helps release endorphins and helps blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients reinvigorate your body. As more oxygen is supplied to your brain, your energy centers will be activated.

5. Go outdoors

When you’re working in a healthcare facility, it’s probable you’re working under fluorescent lighting and sometimes conducting repetitive tasks. These factors, including a busy environment, can make you feel stressed out and sometimes drowsy. On your break, go outdoors for a breather. You could relax under a tree or go for a short walk. Like exercising, the outdoors provides us with a healthy and fresh oxygen supply. Plus, the change of environment can help stimulate our senses.

6. Eat a midday snack

A busy day means you need to take a break to regroup midday. Maintain your energy levels with a healthy snack that includes protein and vitamins. As a general rule, nutritious snacks should contain approximately 100 calories or 15 grams of carbs. Here are some foods that are packed with nutrients and proteins which help keep the mind active.

  • Fruits – apples, oranges, grapes
  • Peanut butter and crackers
  • ½ cup of bananas
  • Trail mix
  • Granola and yogurt cup
  • Whole grain cereal bars

Following these steps, and continuing to get enough sleep, could greatly improve your chances of staying energized on the job. Once you feel more energized, you could become more productive and valued as a healthcare worker. Others may notice your productive nature and, hopefully, more positive attitude. We hope these steps improve your day and that of your patients!


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