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Great Reasons to Appreciate Your Teachers

Category(ies): Student Life

teacher appreciation weekTeacher appreciation week is here!

The Salter School is proud of the instructors who devote their time and energy to educating our students every day. We wouldn’t be Salter School without them! This May, we want to show our appreciation for our instructors by recognizing the great things they do for our school. Take a look at the top five things that make our instructors so terrific.

1. They bring their career experiences into the classroom
At the Salter School, our instructors bring important experience to their students. They have worked in the career fields, and can offer real-world examples and advice as they teach our career-focused curriculum. This kind of instruction helps to give students a better grasp of what’s going to happen in the real world when they begin their first job.

2. They make the learning hands-on, interactive, and fun
When you think of going to school, you might think of sitting in a seat and listening to a teacher deliver a lecture. At the Salter School, our instructors do it differently. They make every effort to include experiential, hands-on activities in order to help students learn their new career skills. They want students to feel comfortable, competent, and ready for the workforce.

3. They treat our students with respect and understanding
One of the great hallmarks of the Salter School is the small-school feel that comes from having all of your classes under one roof. The instructors help our students feel right at home in our school by showing respect, compassion, and understanding, while maintaining high expectations. Many students develop meaningful relationships with our instructors and view them as mentors.

4. They are great models for professionalism
We are always telling our students how important it is to act professionally in the workplace, and there’s no better way to understand what that means than by looking to our instructors. They are great at helping students develop the “soft skills” they need to be professionals in the workplace, such as punctuality, respect, and communication.

5. They go the extra mile
Our teachers are willing to go the extra mile for our students. Every student who walks through our doors is a unique person with an individual learning style. Our teachers understand that teaching is not a one-size-fits-all job, and they go the extra mile to customize their teaching so that our students can succeed in their studies. We also love to see our teachers at social and community events, and appreciate their being so generous with their time.

The students and staff wish to extend their thanks to the Salter School’s instructors. We value your work and appreciate you!

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