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The Benefits of Eating a Healthy Breakfast – For Students

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In an effort to take advantage of more sleep, students often get up at the last minute to get ready for their day. However, when you’re in a rush, you miss a vital step that can offer great health benefits to your day. That step is preparing and eating breakfast!

Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to a healthy diet and a well-managed day. When you skip breakfast you miss out on the nutrients and energy it can provide for a busy schedule of studying and going to class or labs. After all, breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day.

The Salter School offers reasons why you should eat a healthy breakfast every day. You just might be convinced to give yourself an extra half-hour or so to eat in the morning.

Here are five advantage of eating a healthy breakfast:

1. Start the day off with a happier mood

Eating breakfast gives you the nutrients to start your day on a happy note. Since your body is deprived of nutrients and energy during the hours you are asleep, your blood sugar is low in the morning. This can cause many people to feel cranky and irritable throughout the day. Eating breakfast will improve your blood sugar levels so that you can stay alert and energized for the start of your day. Plus, it can also greatly improve your mental health in the morning. You won’t be annoyed when you get hungry before lunch time.

2. Improved energy

The American Dietetic Association says eating a breakfast of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, with whole grains can improve your energy and your concentration. Breakfast containing fruits like vitamin C can help your brain signals function properly so that you're more awake and alert throughout the day. Your brain needs the energy provided by a healthy breakfast so it can function to the best of its ability. You’ll feel less tired and groggy once your breakfast is processed and stored into fuel for your brain!

3. Prevent overeating

Sometimes people don’t eat breakfast because they want to save their calories for lunch and dinner. Believe it or not, eating a healthy breakfast can actually help you from overeating throughout the day. Eating breakfast allows you to prevent weight gain by avoiding overeating. A 2012 study shows that when people skip breakfast, they are more likely to overeat high-calorie foods during the day. The nutrients in breakfast will also boost your metabolism, which is an essential part of preventing weight gain.

4. Healthy skin

If you want healthy looking skin, eating essential breakfast ingredients—along with a regular facial routine—could help give you that glow you want. The American Dietician Association suggests eating fruits, eggs, and spinach which contains nutrients such as vitamin A and D, and antioxidants which help protect your skin. They also contain lutein which helps protect the skin and eyes from free radicals.

5. Better mental and physical performance

If you eat after a long night’s sleep, you will reenergize your mind and body for school. If you’re writing notes, taking a test, or trying to participate at your externship, then you don’t want to feel sluggish and tired! A Food Research and Action Center study demonstrates that students who eat a nutritious breakfast perform better during reading and critical thinking. The study also shows that students can see benefits of improved speed, memory, and problem-solving. They’ll also be able to concentrate better on that test. But you can also energize those muscles so your body can function properly. If you want to do your best, then eating breakfast can help sustain your mental and physical performance throughout the day!

If you start getting up early, your overall well-being could improve drastically. It only takes a few minutes to pour some cereal and throw some fruit in a bowl. You’ll thank yourself when you start feeling and seeing the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast!


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